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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Danielle Wurth has a system for organizing your stuff


Danielle Wurth. Photo by Daniel Friedman.

Danielle Wurth of Scottsdale has always been an organized person. She likes sorting things, arranging things and setting up systems for managing her stuff.

Her business, Wurth Organizing, has been operating for five years, though she had the idea for it 11 years ago. At the time, she didn’t feel she was ready to make organizing her business. After she had her first child, Devon, she decided it was time.

All of her friends remarked on how organized her house was and asked her to teach them. From those requests, the business was born.

Eleven years ago, Wurth says, people were into acquiring things. Now, people want to downsize and talk of purging all their excess stuff. That keeps Wurth busy; she’s often booked three weeks out.

When she was working in residential real estate, prospective home buyers loved the model homes because they were clean, bright and devoid of stuff.

“I used to hear people all the time in the model homes say, ‘It’s so beautiful and peaceful; this is what I want.’ So I thought, ‘Why don’t you just do that, make your home feel like that, without all the sticky notes on the fridge and with the pretty flowers?” Wurth says.


An example of Wurth’s organizational skills. Photo by Daniel Friedman.

She thought she could help people get the model home look if they could get a handle on all the paper and things in their homes. “Papers and laundry and toys and bills weigh you down,” she says. With a degree in psychology and family studies, she felt she could work with families to find a system that worked for them and fit into their specific needs and family dynamics.

She has little tricks in her own home that keep order. She hangs the laundry on hangers wet and lets them dry in the garage. Then clothes can be hung in closets without having the intermediate step of taking them out of the dryer and folding them. Socks and underwear go into each family member’s mesh bag so everyone’s socks and underwear are already sorted, “Why touch 10,000 socks?” asks Wurth.

Danielle’s husband Phil is an organized person too, so he is already on board with the system. They are teaching their sons Devon (5) and Oliver (2) to be organized and streamline the household. “Organizing is a part of everyday life. Families come together, not just Mom doing everything, or Dad,” Wurth says.

Of course, to be organized one has to control their stuff. Whether it is paper that comes into the home in the form of bills, receipts or kids’ art projects, it has to go somewhere and be organized. Having too much or shoving things to the back of a drawer or closet isn’t helpful. “When we have an excess we forget what we have back there,” Wurth says.

Wurth goes to clients’ homes and works with them one-on-one, sometimes going room to room until the entire house is organized. For people who don’t have that in their budget, Wurth holds workshops in her home for up to 25 moms. They also get a book with organizing tips Wurth follows with her clients.

When they come over they are free to look in every drawer and closet to see how Wurth has kept order. They’ll notice how few cooking dishes are in the kitchen (“Just enough for what she needs,” says Wurth). They see how holiday décor and other odds and ends are stored in plastic tubs in the garage. If something can’t fit into a large tub, out it goes.

Danielle says to start a business, moms to have to be organized at home and have good communication with their spouse. If things are disorganized at home and there is no system in place and then “you add a business on top of that, you are going to crumble,” Wurth says. Moms need to look at their schedules to see when they can work and when they need help from a spouse or family member. Craft businesses that sell on can get work done at night after the kid are asleep, but service businesses require fine tuning the family schedule to look for open hours when the kids are in school or the spouse is home.

Another bit of advice is to create quality marketing pieces. “Moms like the crispness and nice colors,” Wurth says. Along those lines, Wurth Organizing is getting a redesigned website to include all the services she offers. It will be more efficient and organized, just like her home.

Learn more about Wurth Organizing.

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