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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Don’t feed the roof rats

Arcadia neighborhood citrus. Photo by Daniel Friedman.

The Arcadia neighborhood is built in old citrus orchards, so if you have friends there they probably have more citrus than they can eat, and are likely to give you some.

The fruit from the citrus trees attracts roof rats, who love the neighborhood too, maybe not for the nice houses and good schools, but for the abundant food and water supply.

The Arcadia Citrus Program provides drop-offs for excess fruit, sending the best fruit to food banks, senior citizens, Arizona Indian tribes and Maricopa County jails. But there are blossoms for next year’s fruit on the trees so most of the fruit has been picked. If your trees still have fruit, this weekend is the last for an Arcadia neighborhood drop-off until next year.

Check out roofrat.net for information on roof-rat-proofing your home and other ways to rid your property of the pesky rodents. If you have citrus trees, roof rats will eventually find the fruit.

If nothing else, keep fruit picked and remove fallen fruit. When they aren’t nibbling fruit, roof rats are gnawing electrical cords, vents, and whatever else they can sink their icky teeth into.

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