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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Observe nature west of the dam

A heron looks for food in the running water just west of Tempe Town Lake.

Just west of Tempe Town Lake where the overflow spills into the Salt River bed is a nature preserve as a result of constant flow of water and lack of access by people. On any given day there are egrets and herons along with various kinds of ducks, birds and fish taking advantage of the water and abundant plant life.

There aren’t only native plants as over the years various bushes and trees have sprouted. There are even some oleander bushes doing quite well.

There always a few egrets around.

In the deeper water early and late in the day, giant carp and bass can be seen swimming around. There is no fishing allowed. The view from the new bridge that spans the lake over the dam provides another vantage point.

To get close to the natural habitat, park at the Tempe Center for the Arts or walk to the west end on the side walk that goes around the lake.

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