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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dental theater entertaining and educational

Billy and Terrific the Tooth on stage. At the beginning of the show, we hear Billy snoring. Aubrey Watkins says the children always laugh uproariously at the snoring. Photo by Daniel Friedman

Puppeteer Aubrey Watkins puts together the set, operates two puppets at a time, voices three characters and dispenses dental hygiene advice to a roomful of giggling preschool kids at Learning Works Preschool in Peoria.

Aubrey Watkins demonstrates how Billy the puppet works after the show. Photo by Daniel Friedman

During the show, Billy, learns from Terrific the Tooth about what good foods he should eat for healthy teeth and how to care for his teeth.  Terrific says it’s important to drink water after they eat something sweet, even milk which has sugar in it. As for the dentist, Terrific says going to the dentist is like Disneyland for teeth.

Watkins estimates she’s performed the Terrific the Tooth 75, maybe 80 times for sponsor Solomon Pediatric Dental as part of her job for Great Arizona Puppet Theater.

Aubrey and Terrific the Tooth. Photo by Daniel Friedman

Mason Crow (5) demonstrates proper brushing technique after the puppet show. Photo by Daniel Friedman

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