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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A capital idea for young readers

Learningalphabet-anatomy young readers the names of the letters and the sounds they make is the first step in reading. There are innumerable ways to teach letter names and basic phonics but it helps to have something clever, colorful and entertaining.

Arizona Author Linda Ann Jones published her book Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters  (Jubilance Publishing, 2013). Her son Branson Jones did the illustrations.Linda based the book on the rhyming verses about the letters she used to teach her youngest son. Branson, always the artist, created the illustrations at age 16.

The illustrations are large and kids can trace their fingers over the letter characters while listening to the rhymes which are silly and explain why the letters look the way they do. The Q’s story is, “Q is real quiet, curled up like a ball. His tongue hangs to the right and he won’t speak at all.” The cue word for Q is “quiet” so the story and the illustration work nicely together.

I can imagine creative young readers making up their own letter rhymes and illustrations for words they choose.anatomy alphabet Linda Ann Jones young readers

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Daniel Friedman

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