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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Homemade gift tags with a chalkboard motif

Make simple and stylish monogram tags to dress up holiday packages with just chalk and black cardstock.

homemade gift tags, chalkboard motif tags, stencil gift tags, pagingsupermom.comTo begin your homemade gift tags, cut cardstock into tag shapes and punch a hole for stringing onto the gift.

Use standard chalk to draw the initial of the gift’s recipient. Chalk writes surprisingly well on black cardstock paper.

To prevent smudges, spritz the chalked letter with hairspray. This will cause the chalk to disappear initially, but as it dries, the letter will reappear.

If desired, make a homemade letter stencil using a computer. Select a large font size and type the letter. Print and cut out the letter using a craft knife. Trace the letter’s outline onto the tag and then color in the middle.

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