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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples to the rescue

Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples

Dermot and Amelie Rice (at 10 months), of Paradise Valley. Photo by Shannon G. Rice.

My daughters were about three hours old when I realized that parenting twins was not like parenting a “singleton.” While there are many common themes (crying, pooping, etc.), being a mom to twins introduced its own unique set of challenges. Actually, two of them. And the higher-order multiples you have—triplets, quadruplets, etc.—the further removed you might feel from parents who have their kids one at a time.

Enter Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples (PVMOM), a club for families who want to connect based on the shared experience of parenting twins, triplets and higher-order multiples. Founded in 1984, the nonprofit seeks to support and educate members about the child development and rearing of multiples.

Although PVMOM originated in the Paradise Valley area, the group now boasts over 150 members across Metro Phoenix—and more as far north as Sedona and as far south as Tucson. PVMOM also partners with the national organization Multiples Across America.

Once a month, PVMOM members meet to discuss current topics, listen to a guest lecture or enjoy a (much-needed) social night out.

April is Multiple Birth Awareness month. Let the mothers-of-multiples in your life know that there are groups like PVMOM out there to provide support, education and camaraderie. Then go buy them dinner. Learn more at pvmom.org.

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Melissa Eddy Campana

Assistant Editor Melissa Eddy Campana is the mother of Clare (2 1/2) and twins Amelia and Nicola (11 months).

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