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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Happy New Year fireworks craft

Happy New Year, New Year craft, New Year fireworks, preschoolers, activity

Grace uses the brush to paint her “fireworks.”

This festive craft came to me when when I was trying to figure out a creative way for our family to celebrate New Year’s Day. After noticing the shape of a dish-washing brush in the grocery store, I envisioned the big puffy fireworks we often see ringing in the new year.

Given my 2-year-old Grace’s love of paint, I knew we had a healthy supply—including the neglected neon paints in our art drawer. This fireworks craft was the perfect solution to help us welcome 2016 without keeping little ones up until midnight!


Neon washable paint
Dish-washing brush
Poster board
Paper plate
Sharpie for embellishments

Happy New Year, New Year fireworks, craft, painting, preschoolers

All you need is some poster board, paints and a dish-washing brush.


Pour paint onto a paper plate. Allow your child to dab the brush into paint then splat it down onto the poster board. Washable paint is a must, because the paint will splatter!

Happy New Year, New Year fireworks, painting, craft, preschoolers

The finished craft. Happy New Year!

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