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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Camp Fair AZ 2017: Making room for the unexpected


A Phoenix mom who works full time and was fairly new to the Valley needed to find a summer program for her elementary-school-age daughter. She was looking for a camp offering academic enrichment. She wanted her daughter to be engaged and challenged, to have fun and make new friends.

She heard about Camp Fair AZ, magazine’s annual event that brings camps and families together in one place. Though she was working that Saturday, she decided to stop by. Maybe she could at least pick up some brochures.

camp-fair-az-17-logo-smallWhile strolling past colorful camp exhibits at last February’s event, held in the gymnasium at Rancho Solano Preparatory School in Scottsdale, she struck up a conversation with staff from Scribble 2 Script, a year-round program that helps kids develop fine-motor skills and gain confidence in their handwritten schoolwork.

She’d never heard of it. Curious, she started asking questions. Her daughter is extremely bright and loves learning. But she was struggling with written assignments. It felt like a disconnect.

Suggestions from that short conversation led this mom to seek a comprehensive vision assessment for her daughter. A diagnosis and some simple interventions forever changed her daughter’s outlook on — and success with — writing assignments for school.

This is the kind of magic that happens when you put caring parents together in a room with knowledgeable, experienced experts from a myriad of fields. It happens when parents are open to new ideas, and when they are willing share both their dreams for a child’s future and their concerns about a child’s vulnerabilities.

It doesn’t happen on the internet, where we knowingly (and unknowingly) control our search for information. It doesn’t happen in social-media networks, where we tend to share only the bright and shiny aspects of our lives.

This kind of moment can’t be planned. It’s serendipitous. You go into a situation thinking you know what you’re after. You find something unexpected and even more valuable.

That is why my team has been working nights and weekends to gear up for the 14th annual Camp Fair AZ. We hope you’ll join us on Saturday, Feb. 25. Maybe you, too, will discover something unexpected that changes your child’s life forever.

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Karen Davis-Barr

Karen Davis Barr is the publisher and founder of Raising Arizona Kids and the mother of two adult sons.

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