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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Phoenix Heart Ball bicycle contest

bicycle contest, Phoenix Heart Ball

Congratulations to Alexa Helinski, who has won a child’s bike from the 2017 Phoenix Heart Ball Committee, which is working to promote awareness of a heart-healthy, low-stress family lifestyle. More than 40 Raising Arizona Kids readers also received a family pass for admission to Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Tempe. Here are Helinski’s heart-health answers:

How do you promote heart health in your family? We promote heart health in our family by eating a healthy, balanced diet. We engage in physical activities that the whole family enjoys, including bike riding, walking, swimming and playing! We visit our primary care physician on a regular basis to ensure that we are heart healthy.

How do you reduce stress in your family? We reduce stress in our family by taking the time to listen to one another. We are always looking for fun activities to do as a family and find that staying active and learning are great stress reducers. Finding things we enjoy doing, and experiencing new adventures as a family help to keep us connected. If we are stressed, we talk about it and make sure that the issue is addressed. We collaborate as a team to ensure that we are all working toward reducing whatever stressor may be present in that moment and take the time to evaluate what’s going well and what could be improved.

Founded in 1959, the Phoenix Heart Ball supports the mission of the American Heart Association to build healthier lives, free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Over the past 58 years, the Phoenix Heart Ball has raised nearly $33 million to fund lifesaving research, vital community programs and Halle Heart Children’s Museum. Visit for more about Phoenix Heart Ball on Saturday, Nov. 18; visit for heart-healthy living tips.

How do you promote heart health in your family?
How do you reduce stress in your family?
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