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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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New birthday party themes and venues for kids in greater Phoenix

Do you feel like you’ve been to every birthday party imaginable? It’s tough to keep these annual celebrations fun and fresh. Here’s a roundup of new birthday venues in the Valley as well as new parties offered at favorite haunts. Plus, new themes to consider. Have a favorite birthday idea, venue or tip? We’d love […]

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Rejecting the pressure to be Pinterest-perfect

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit kabobs? Check. “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” cookie-and-milk bar? Check. “Goodnight Moon” pies? Got ’em. I started planning my son’s first birthday party months in advance. I spent hours scouring Pinterest boards for inspiration. I decided on a storybook theme, and, I’ll acknowledge, went a little overboard. As […]

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Party places! Metro Phoenix venues to celebrate kids birthdays in style

Lila Baltman knows a lot about kids birthday parties. First, as a Phoenix mom of three, she has hosted quite a few. And with her own public-relations and marketing firm (she specializes in clients with a kids-friendly focus) she has seen lot of fun venues and party packages. Off the top of her head, Baltman […]

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Celebrate both your child and charity with birthday parties that give back

Birthdays are a wonderful time for celebrating with family and friends, and as parents, we want to make our children’s birthdays as special as possible. In an era of big parties and numerous gifts, many families are looking for ways to teach their children the value of birthdays beyond “the loot.” A great way to […]

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Smart Cookie: Original—and easy!—cookie creations

Christi Farr Johnstone, of Phoenix, impressed family members and friends with her chocolate-covered pretzels with sprinkles on top. “It isn’t rocket science,” she told them. Initially trained as a photojournalist, Johnstone earned a degree to become a marriage and family therapist. Currently she is known for her quick, easy and fun cookie treats. “I always […]

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The last first birthday

The first first birthday lasted several days. Lunch in a restaurant where I let my daughter try French fries for the first time, looking around to see if other diners felt the weight of this day when an infant had time-lapsed into a toddler who scribbled on the paper menu and waved to the waiter. […]

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Making memories with “make & take” art

We’ve marked and celebrated all sorts of moments at local studios offering “make and take” arts experiences from painting pottery to creating works on canvas. Play dates. Birthday parties. Holiday gatherings with classmates. Looking around our home, now that kids in college are leaving the nest, reminders of memories made painting at various studios together […]

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Sustainable celebrations: “Green” up those birthday parties

Children’s birthday parties are festive and fun, but they also include balloons, hats, party favors and crumpled balls of wrapping paper. After the guests have gone and the party is over, what often remains is an abundance of post-party garbage. Anyone who has had to clean up after a child’s birthday party knows the task […]

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Kids choose charity birthday parties over presents

The hawk’s deep, penetrating eyes stared directly at my daughter Isabel. She felt a rush of air graze her hair as it flew an inch above her head. She caught her breath and then exhaled with relief when she realized the hawk was not interested in her. Isabel was at her friend Rebecca Zulch’s 10th […]

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Hiking birthday party

For a child who loves adventure and outdoors, turn a hike into a birthday party.

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