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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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My Day at Camp: Putting the pedal to the metal

I never thought my third and final “My Day at Camp” assignment of the summer would end with me fighting zombies. But that’s exactly what happened, and a lot more, when I arrived at Octane Raceway in Scottsdale for Summer Engineering Camp. In its second year offering camp, Octane Raceway once again partnered with East […]

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My Day at Camp: Getting a rock-star makeover at Girly Girlz in Scottsdale

Girly Girlz Tea & Trinkets in Scottsdale is absolutely filled to the brim with all things girly, glam and glitzy. The baby pink walls are covered in tulle tutus, purple-patterned purses, designer nail-art kits, feather boas, girly art, fun toys and much, much more. Deeper in the building, a beautiful green-and-pink tea room features delicately […]

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My Day at Camp: A first look at the Girl Scouts’ Parsons Leadership Center

I love anything that is bright, shiny and new. So being among the first to experience a camp at the Girl Scouts’ new Parsons Leadership Center was perfect. Replacing the modest Camp Sombrero campsite on South Mountain, The Bob and Renee Parsons Leadership Center for Girls and Women is a 14.5-acre property with ample space for […]

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My Day at Camp: Punching away stress with karate

When I walked into Paradise Valley School of Karate in Phoenix for the first “My Day at Camp” experience of the summer (an annual tradition at RAK), I thought I knew exactly what I would be getting myself into. I had recently started a Jillian Michaels workout DVD that included some pretty rockin’ kicks and […]

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My Day at Camp: Arizona Sunrays Supercamp

I’m on a roll with My Day at Camp. I first stepped up to the plate at the Diamondbacks Baseball Academy earlier this summer with my son Jack, and that experience was a grand slam. Now it was time to enjoy a day with my 6-year-old daughter Lucy and her latest passion: gymnastics! I haven’t woken […]

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My Day at Camp: Camp Sky-Y

Upon entering the grounds at Camp Sky-Y, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had stepped back in time. From the fresh scent of pine trees to the tiny log cabins, I felt instantly at home in a world where every detail appeared exactly the way I had always imagined summer camp to be. It was incredibly invigorating, like I was a […]

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My Day at Camp: Laughing and listening at Jester’Z Improv

As a new writer to Raising Arizona Kids, I didn’t know what to expect during my very first “My Day at Camp” experience. After some serious decision-making — at Flip Dunk’s camp I could jump to my heart’s desire … but at School of Rock I could fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a rock […]

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My Day at Camp: D-backs teach calendar editor mad baseball skills

I think it was my second day at Raising Arizona Kids when the publisher casually mentioned staff members get to spend a day at summer camp. “I’m in!” I thought. But how does one even start to choose a camp? That’s when it hit me like a four-seam fastball: Why not pick something my kids are passionate about? […]

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My Day at Camp: Young Adult Writing Program

Double Newbery Award winner Kate DiCamillo was asked whether she wrote as a child, and if she always wanted to be a writer when she grew up. “When I was a kid, it never occurred to me that human beings wrote books,” she said. “I just didn’t think it was something that people did. Kids […]

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My Day at Camp: Camp Zoo

The room became really quiet when Shannon Howard entered. She was wearing thick leather gloves and holding a small spiny animal. When she asked “Does anyone know what this animal is?” hands shot up. The first child Howard called on answered, “A hedgehog!” “No, but close,” Howard said. The animal she was holding was a greater […]

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