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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Here’s our Valentine to you: Babysitting support!

  It can be a hassle, and expensive, to hire a babysitter for the night so you can get away with your partner for a few hours. But making time for one another and adult conversation is important. Especially this month, when we mark Valentine’s Day, it’s time to schedule a few hours away from […]

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Childcare expert: Preschool expulsion is a national problem

Children are getting kicked out of preschool at three to 13 times the rate that kids get expelled from grades K-12, says Walter Gilliam, director of The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University, who continues to research the trend. Last month, Gilliam was visiting Southwest Human Development in Phoenix. […]

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Arizona Sunrays opens new Phoenix gymnastics and dance complex

Twenty-six years into owning Arizona Sunrays gymnastics and dance center in Phoenix, Dan and Julie Witenstein are finishing up the biggest construction project of their lives. Just north of Greenway Road on 32nd Street sits their new facility, a sprawling 34,000-square-foot modern concrete-block building that is light-filled and energy efficient. It features high (18- to […]

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Choosing the right early childcare environment

Some decisions are easier than others: Should I let my child go to school wearing a Batman cape? (Yes.) Should I make good on my threat to turn this car around right now? (No.) Is it really OK to serve pancakes for dinner? (Yes!) Parents make as many daily decisions as there are Legos on […]

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Parenting Q&A: What to do when your toddler is biting

My toddler has been biting at daycare. I don’t understand why this is happening or how to stop this behavior. I also understand kids can be kicked out of the program for biting. I’m both mortified and concerned! Toddlers are passionate beings. They feel their emotions intensely and can show them in dramatic ways. A […]

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Parents searching online to find — a babysitter?

If you’ve ever had trouble finding a babysitter — and, let’s face it, most moms and dads have — you know how frustrating it can be. That’s exactly why a whole new online industry is growing up around child care. There are literally dozens of online babysitting services to choose from — including,, […]

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Celebrate Week of the Young Child™

Week of the Young Child, early childhood eduation, quality, Arizona

If you’ve ever dropped off a baby at day care, walked a toddler into the 2s classroom or waved a teary goodbye as your kindergartener stepped onto the school bus for the very first time, then you get it. Quality early childhood programs—and the people who create and work hard to sustain them—are golden. They’re […]

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Website helps parents locate quality child care and preschools

First Things First yesterday unveiled a new online resource to help parents choose quality childcare and preschools for their children. Quality First provides parents with tools to find providers engaged in First Things First’s mission to improve and/or maintain high standards in early childhood environments. A mapping tool helps parents locate providers near an address […]

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Grant a summer wish for a child in foster care

You can fulfill a summer memory for a child in foster care. The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation‘s annual Give a Summer Memory program has been posting real-time requests since spring. The program enables donors to read short descriptions about the children they could benefit and pick the level of funding they’re able to […]

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TAXing times!

Even I was a little bit shocked when I saw Levi’s paycheck on Sunday. His $10.50 gross income had come to little more than $4.00 after my husband subtracted Fica, State income tax, Social Security and insurance. Levi was crest-fallen…

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