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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Working “for the little ones” in Ethiopia

It has been nearly seven years since Brian and Keri deGuzman of Paradise Valley stood in the Addis Ababa airport, a new baby daughter in their arms. As they awaited an Ethiopian Airlines flight back to the U.S., they looked into each other’s eyes. They smiled at the small child who made them a family. […]

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Feed My Starving Children:
Packing hope for hungry children around the world

On a Friday afternoon in late September, Janine Skinner was in Haiti, standing near a mass gravesite where more than 200,000 victims of the 2010 earthquake are buried. She had to stop looking at the ground. Already she and other members of her group had seen a human hipbone and part of a skull. The […]

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John Gillan: Taking expertise and experience to emerging countries

Patients who visit the office of Mesa endodontist John Gillan, DDS, MS, aren’t usually very happy to be there. Does anyone look forward to a root canal? Gillan’s gentle, soft-spoken manner must go a long way toward putting them at ease. And then there are those mesmerizing photographs. An entire wall in one treatment room […]

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