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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Archive for the ‘“Learning at Home” series by Daniel Friedman’ Category

Learning at home: measure up!

Measuring — whether in the kitchen with measuring cups and spoons, or a ruler, tape measure or 10-foot pole — is an ideal way to understand fractions, number sense and “measurement sense.” Being able to estimate in various measurements enhances anyone’s understanding of math. But unless your kids do a lot of carpentry or sewing […]

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Learning at home: Old-school skills rule

alphabetization, phone book, learning at home

During my last year of teaching I taught eighth-grade humanities. The students did a lot of writing in my class and often they would ask me how to spell a word. My standard response was, “g-r-x-t-s-e-j….” They got the message; they needed to look it up themselves. They’d find a dictionary and paw through it […]

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Learning at home: how to memorize

memorize phone numbers address

The “Learning at Home” series moves out of the kitchen. If your children don’t learn about density or volume right away, they’ll catch on soon enough. But what about memorizing things? When I taught eighth grade humanities, I had students choose one of two World War I poems by Wilfrid Owen: “Dulce et Decorum Est”  […]

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Learning at home: density around the house

Every student’s destiny: understand density When I taught third and fourth graders, I used a small sledgehammer head to teach about density. The hammer head was nearly the same size as a whiteboard eraser. The students passed around the hammerhead and the eraser to feel how heavy the hammerhead was and how light the eraser […]

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Learning at home: understanding volume

learning at home math

So far I’ve used peas, cheese, fruit and sprinkles to help kids learn math concepts. Today we’re back to cheese with milk for more math fun. Turn up the volume on conceptual understanding According to the introduction to the original Star Trek television show, space is the final frontier. But how much space does space […]

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Learning at home: A sprinkle of number sense

Hyperbole is a wonderful thing. I can say, “I have a million things to do!” and no one will ask if I want to have lunch after the first 100,000 are completed. They know I’m just looking for sympathy, or a “Me too!” Developing number sense But kids need number sense, meaning they need to […]

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Learning at home: combinations of objects


Who gets the window seat? I have two sisters, so as we were growing up, deciding who got to sit where in the back seat of the car often came down to who yelled, “Window seat!” soonest. Whoever had to sit in the middle seat was unhappy. If my parents had used combinatorics, they easily […]

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Learning at home: cheese fractions

This is the second in a series of learning-at-home activities you can use to enhance your child’s education. The first one featured math with peas to learn division. This one features math with cheese. And no, the next one will not rhyme with peas or cheese unless I find math fleas. Cutting the fractional cheese […]

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Learning at home: Math and playing with food

learning math at the dinner table

In the October print issue of RAISING ARIZONA KIDS, Ashley Firth Indorf, MA, and Mary Anne Duggan, PhD, wrote about “Limitless learning through ‘home’ work.” They suggest that learning at home doesn’t have to be just drudgery and worksheets. Look for opportunities at home where your child can reinforce skills and concepts they learn at […]

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