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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Navigating school choice: How seven Arizona families found the right educational fit

Jill Partridge has one child: Max. So when it came time to enroll him in school, she wanted to do it right. She toured seven campuses, met teachers, talked to parents and paid particular attention to activities that would inspire him. Partridge, of Phoenix, ended up choosing Mercury Mine Elementary in the Paradise Valley Unified […]

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Childhood anxiety: ASU program gives kids coping skills

I notice my 10-year-old daughter fidgeting as she memorizes her lines for summer-theater camp. “I’m nervous, Mom. What if I can’t remember all the words?” she wonders. My natural inclination is to comfort her and let her know everything will turn out well. Are my words helping? Every parent’s tendency is to protect their children […]

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Local pediatrician, ADHD expert to sign “Marvin’s Monster Diary” books

What’s not for kids to love? Marvin, a rambunctious young monster living on planet Monstearth, and the star of “Marvin’s Monster Diary: ADHD Attacks!” is a cross between Mr. Mucus of Mucinex ad fame, and Digger, TV toenail fungus extraordinaire. Phoenix/Scottsdale behavioral and developmental pediatrician and autism and ADHD expert, Dr. Raun Melmed, created this […]

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What’s after high school for children with learning differences?

About eight years ago, the staff at New Way Academy, a Phoenix private school for children with attention and learning differences, became curious about how their former students were doing out in the wider world. A few teachers started making phone calls and discovered, to their great dismay, that a number of the very bright, […]

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An unexpected joy: Home schooling a child with learning differences

When I first considered home schooling, it wasn’t because I thought it would be fun. It sounded like another obligation piled on top of the already difficult job of parenting. My uneasiness was compounded by the fact that I had no idea how to home-school a child. On the other hand, there was Sarah. My […]

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Water safety and autism

autism, swim lessons, Mesa, Arizona, Swimkids USA

Parents and caregivers must be vigilant whenever children are near pools, lakes and other water features. This is especially true when it comes to water safety and autism. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children or adults who have autism, according to Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. The […]

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Assistive technology: what parents need to know

assistive technology, Arizona, Tac Coluccio photo

What do you think of when you hear the term “assistive technology?” Do you imagine advanced computer-based talking systems, such as the one Steven Hawking uses? Or a rubber pencil gripper? How about a tennis ball? All of these devices are assistive technology (AT), an umbrella term that covers a wide range of products—from low-tech tools to sophisticated computer systems—used […]

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A game changer for kids with dyslexia

Learning Ally

Glendale mom Meriah Houser has made advocating for kids with dyslexia her life’s mission ever since her sons Cole, 13, and Maddox, 10, were diagnosed in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Her accomplishments in the field are impressive: Certified Barton tutor Parent-to-parent leader with Arizona’s Raising Special Kids Board member of the Arizona Branch of the International Dyslexia Association  Founder […]

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Handwriting help for kids

Why do some children have such beautiful handwriting while others’ looks more like scribbles? The process of writing—physically putting pencil or pen to paper—is more difficult than you probably realized. The American Occupational Therapy Association describes learning to write as a complex process. Shoulder, wrist and elbow movements must coordinate with one another. Fine motor skills must […]

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Charter schools and students with disabilities

As the number of students attending charter schools increases, some parents of students with disabilities have expressed confusion about the legal obligations of these publicly funded, privately run schools to provide special education services or disability-related accommodations. Here is a brief summary of the myths and realities. MYTH #1: Charter schools do not have to […]

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