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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Arizona Sunrays opens new Phoenix gymnastics and dance complex

Twenty-six years into owning Arizona Sunrays gymnastics and dance center in Phoenix, Dan and Julie Witenstein are finishing up the biggest construction project of their lives. Just north of Greenway Road on 32nd Street sits their new facility, a sprawling 34,000-square-foot modern concrete-block building that is light-filled and energy efficient. It features high (18- to […]

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Birth to 5 Q&A: How to stop the “summer slide” in learning

Q: What can I do with my preschooler to keep him occupied and learning over the summer? A: As a parent or caregiver, no one cares more about your child’s education than you do. Get involved in helping your child learn at home this summer. This preparation will help ensure that your child will enter […]

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Choosing the right early childcare environment

Some decisions are easier than others: Should I let my child go to school wearing a Batman cape? (Yes.) Should I make good on my threat to turn this car around right now? (No.) Is it really OK to serve pancakes for dinner? (Yes!) Parents make as many daily decisions as there are Legos on […]

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Child Crisis Arizona expands Early Head Start to Mesa

Child Crisis Arizona is expanding its Early Head Start program to Mesa, and 114 additional children and mothers will be able to take advantage of the services this fall. Established in 1994, Early Head Start programs help with the mental, social and emotional development of children from birth to age 3. In addition to education, […]

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Kindergarten redshirting: Should you hold back your preschooler?

Arizona parents with pre-K children right now are prepping them for kindergarten. For some, the process is pretty straightforward: “My child turned 5 by September 1; kindergarten roundup here we come!” For others, particularly those whose children have a late-summer birthday, the decision is not black and white. Rather, it’s more like a 64-count box […]

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Celebrate Week of the Young Child™

Week of the Young Child, early childhood eduation, quality, Arizona

If you’ve ever dropped off a baby at day care, walked a toddler into the 2s classroom or waved a teary goodbye as your kindergartener stepped onto the school bus for the very first time, then you get it. Quality early childhood programs—and the people who create and work hard to sustain them—are golden. They’re […]

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Looking for a preschool? A special event for parents

Pre-School Universe, Paradise Valley Unified School District

The Paradise Valley Unified School District is offering Valley parents an inside look at preschool programs available to families living inside and outside the district. The second annual “Pre-School Universe” will be held from 6:45 to 7:45pm Thursday, Jan. 15 at Copper Canyon Elementary School in Scottsdale. It’s a chance to meet teachers and learn […]

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The pre-kindergarten year

You are sitting at the park with another parent, watching your 4-year-olds play together. They are only a few months apart in age, yet you notice differences in their behavior. Perhaps one is easily frustrated and reluctant to let the other choose an activity. Or one has endless energy and can’t resist peeking during hide-and-seek. […]

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Summit on importance of early childhood education

The First Things First Early Childhood Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center on Monday and Tuesday attracted about 1,200 professionals and community members involved in early childhood education and health. First Things First focuses on the development, health and education of Arizona children from birth to age 5 to prepare them for kindergarten, reading and […]

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Kindergarten teachers welcome parental involvement

Work obligations. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Is your busy schedule making it hard for you to connect with your child’s classroom? Today’s family time is stretched further than ever, so it can be a struggle for parents to volunteer at school. Is spending time in the classroom the only way you can contribute to your children’s […]

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