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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Success in School: Make sure kids love learning

Throughout the Success in School series, we have covered areas in which parents can positively influence their children’s educational outcomes. In this final article, we address ways you can make sure your kids love learning. Develop a partnership with your child’s teacher and school staff. Attend all scheduled conferences. Communicate your concerns. Let your child’s […]

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Success in School: Develop a flexible mindset

Thanks to the science of neuroimaging, our understanding of what is happening inside the human brain is growing exponentially. One new area of study involves “mindset”—how what we believe about ourselves changes and shapes what and how we learn. People with a fixed mindset believe that learning rests on their ability to prove how smart […]

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Success in School – Mastering math

Success in Schools, Raising Arizona Kids, mastering math, New Vistas Center for Education, private schools, Chandler, Arizona

Parents of children from preschool through sixth grade often ask how they can foster their child’s math success in school. There is no easy formula. But parents can support their children in mastering math—through algebra and beyond—when they understand the incremental introduction of math principles and how children learn them at an early age. Math […]

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Success in School: Parent-teacher communication

Research shows that children do better in school when their parents and teachers communicate effectively. A team approach is helpful to foster children’s character development, sense of responsibility, independence and academic strength. Working closely with the teacher, parents can take several steps to demonstrate how they are essential members of their children’s educational team. Open […]

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Success in School: Focus on homework

Many parents wrestle with their children about how to manage homework. How can you help your child focus to make this task less stressful for everyone? Homework is an extension of classroom learning. It also helps children develop important character traits like persistence, consistency and self-discipline, all of which are critical to sound study habits. […]

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Success in School: Test-taking strategies

Tests demonstrate a child’s ability to understand course material, master certain skills and provide benchmarks upon which to measure progress. Old methods of highlighting texts and rereading content to grasp information are seldom effective alone. Successful test preparation involves utilizing efficient study methods. How do we help our children become more comfortable and skilled in […]

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Success in School: a new series

If you have more than one child, you know how different they can be. One child breezes through school with a love and passion for learning, while another does not seem to have the same intrinsic motivation to learn. One child embraces responsibility with enthusiasm, but the other needs constant nudging to get organized and […]

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