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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Creative school lunches: Healthful brown-bagging that isn’t boring

Chef Justin Beckett spends most evenings cooking pork osso buco confit and smoked chicken with grilled andouille gumbo for diners at his two Phoenix eateries. Most mornings, the chef known for his bold flavors is at home with wife, Michelle, packing kid-friendly sushi and nut-butter sandwiches shaped like animals for their two boys. They pack […]

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Get creative with healthy after-school snacks

Growing up as a 1990s latchkey kid, I had to fend for myself for hours in the harsh conditions of North Scottsdale (back then, the edge of civilization). My fiercest adversary was ravenous hunger after walking home from school in the heat. Like most homes back then, frozen pockets of pepperoni and bags of cheese-flavored […]

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Beat the heat with “no-cook” cooking

In case you haven’t been outside lately, it’s hot. After all, we live in Arizona. We run our errands at 6 a.m., drape towels over our steering wheels, float in tepid swimming pools and—at all cost—avoid turning on the oven. We don’t have to resort to takeout and nuking frozen burritos. One of my favorite […]

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Tortilla your turkey leftovers

Still got turkey in the fridge? Mission Tortillas recommends turning those leftovers into a south-of-the-border favorite—the quesadilla. In a press notice about the company’s new Super Soft Tortillas (“ideal because they fold easily and don’t break”) we learned that when you have a stash of tortillas and some cheese, the possibilities are endless. Here are […]

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Lunchbox Wraps

Lin Sue Cooney Recipe

Last year was the first time my boys took lunches to school for the entire year. Previously, I’d always given in to pizza or chicken teriyaki days. Then I thought, why not just pack them homemade pizza or a thermos of whatever they had for dinner last night? It took us until fourth grade to […]

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