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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Early peanut exposure may prevent nut allergies

New research indicates early introduction of peanuts into the diet of infants at high risk of peanut allergy can play a role in the prevention of peanut allergies. European and U.S. physicians are developing formal guidelines for early-life feeding practices, but 10 medical organizations—including the American Academy of Pediatrics—now recommend introducing products containing peanuts into […]

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Tips for treating hives in children

treating hives, American Dermatology Association

Hives are usually harmless and temporary—but while they last they are itchy, irritating and annoying. They can appear within minutes or hours of exposure to an allergen, infection or environmental stress. Hives can be triggered by a number of factors, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD): An allergic reaction to food or medication […]

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Concerned about allergies? Skip the dishwasher

allergies, microbes, concerned about allergies, washing dishes

Concerned about allergies? Maybe it’s time to turn back the clock a few decades. First, forget processed foods and buy directly from the farmer. And next? Wash the dishes by hand. A study of 1,029 Swedish children between the ages of 7 and 8 found an association between allergy development and today’s modern lifestyles, including the […]

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Arizona’s new epinephrine law: what it means

Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer and key advocates for asthma and allergy awareness participated in a ceremonial signing of Arizona’s epinephrine law. The new law, implemented in time for the 2013-14 school year, allows schools to stock and administer epinephrine for emergency use. The hope is that the law will help to create a safer […]

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Egg allergy? New research finds some kids can tolerate eggs in baked goods

Avoiding cookies and other baked goods this holiday season might not be necessary for some children with egg allergies, according to new study findings recently presented at an American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) conference. Findings showed that 56 percent of allergic children can tolerate a chicken’s egg…if it has been baked. And […]

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Halloween is tricky for children with food allergies

Children will head out Wednesday night with one goal in mind—CANDY! But some of those little Power Rangers and Disney Princesses have specific food allergies that can quickly turn a pleasurable outing deadly. For children with severe food allergies, “reading the labels could mean life or death,” says Lisa Horne, president and founder of the […]

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Preventing allergic reactions from food allergies during summer

Pediatric food allergies are becoming increasingly more common, says Phoenix pediatrician Theresa Lococo, M.D.  One in 25 school age children currently are affected, and the numbers appear to be on the rise. But it’s a daunting task for parents to keep children safe at all times, especially during the summer season when consistency among caregivers can […]

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