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Monday, February 19, 2018

Archive for the ‘Asthma’ Category

How to make an asthma action plan

An asthma action plan is a written worksheet tailored to meet the individual needs of children and teens with asthma. The plan lists specific asthma triggers and symptoms, along with medication names and correct dosages. When parents take the time to put an asthma action plan in place at school or day care, teachers or […]

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Asthma education for kids: help from a new online tool

May is National Asthma Awareness month, so the American Lung Association has launched an online tool that provides asthma education for kids in an effort to help children ages 5-10 control their asthma. Lungtropolis® is a web-based learning game designed to promote effective asthma management and help motivate both children and their parents to put what they […]

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Understanding life with asthma

Try this. Roll up a piece of paper. Stuff it with cotton balls. Wrap the roll in tightly wound rubber bands to hold the cotton in place. Then put  your mouth up to one end and try to breathe. That’s what it feels like when a child is in the throes of an acute asthma attack. […]

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Asthma and sports

Q: Several of the kids on my children’s sports teams have asthma. Is it really safe for them to participate in athletics? Studies show that 90 percent of children diagnosed with asthma can perform as well as anyone else in the athletic arena, according to Joe Yusin, M.D., an allergist with the Carl T. Hayden […]

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