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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Archive for the ‘Back pain’ Category

Chiropractic Care…well, sort of

Okay, so I broke down and went to a Chiropractor. Now I’ve been to Chiropractors before. In fact, I believe they do good work and can heal certain muscular, joint and alignment issues. But after my husband’s constant barrage of scientific studies citing all kinds of devastating chiropractic mishaps, I’d pretty much sworn off them […]

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Spring Cleaning

The Passover story tells how the Jews left Egypt and were freed from decades of slavery. I sometimes wonder if my culinary servitude isn’t God’s way of offering me experiential understanding of my ancestors’ plight.

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Pull yourself together…or apart rather!

Somewhere along the line we learned that taking care of ourselves emotionally didn’t count nearly as much as our efforts to mend our physical selves and acknowledge our bodily problems.

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A beginner’s guide to babywearing options

Have you seen the latest new-parent fashion accessory? Moms and dads are wearing their babies. Babies may be tied to a parent’s front or back, slung on the side or dangled from a pack. One thing all these baby carriers have in common is two free hands and no bulky stroller. Interested? Start with an […]

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Understanding scoliosis

I was 19 years old, sitting in an examining room at Student Health feeling miserable, trying to focus on the chest x-rays on the light board, listening to the resident confirming my pneumonia. “By the way,” he said as I stood to go, ready to trudge back to my dorm and crawl into bed, “You […]

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