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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Young baseball fans invited to join No Chew Crew

Young Arizona Diamondbacks fans can learn a valuable lesson about staying healthy and enjoy the benefits of free admission to Sunday home baseball games. All they have to do is join the No Chew Crew club. Almost 9 million people ages 12 and older in the U.S. used smokeless tobacco—chewing tobacco and snuff—according to a […]

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Adult orthodontics: Parents want straight teeth, too

adult orthodontics, adult braces, orthodontic treatment for parents

Good dental health, nice straight teeth, a lovely smile. It’s what parents want for their children. And sometimes, during orthodontic screenings for their kids, it’s what parents realize they want for themselves, too. In the U.S., one in five orthodontics patients is an adult, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. “We have many instances […]

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What is the Tooth Fairy’s going rate?

Delta Dental, Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy Stroll, Children's Museum of Phoenix, oral health

What does the Tooth Fairy leave for a lost tooth these days? Delta Dental commissioned a poll to find out. Results of The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® being released this week indicate quite a bit of dentition-related inflation, at least for those of us who remember when a shiny quarter under the pillow was a […]

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Pediatricians to help fight tooth decay

AAP tooth decay statement

Soon, the typical pediatric well check might include guidance on tooth-brushing techniques and questions for parents about the use of sippy cups and bedtime bottles. Tooth decay among kids 2 to 4 years of age is on the rise and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are concerned. In a revised policy statement from the December […]

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The best and worst Halloween candy for teeth


Not all Halloween candies are created equally, and pediatric dentists want parents to know the difference. What do the pros consider to be the best and worst Halloween candy for teeth? “Selecting candy that melts and disappears quickly, such as chocolate, is a better option for your teeth,” says Danielle Goldstein, DDS, an Delta Dental dentist with Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry and […]

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Free dental sealants for kids

Think of dental sealants as protective nail polish for the teeth. Dental sealants consist of a plastic coating that blankets the grooves of tooth enamel, creating a smooth surface that is much easier to keep clean. Dental sealants can cost between $35 to $60 per tooth at a private dental practice. But on Super Sealant Saturday, Midwestern University […]

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Tips for healthy teeth and happy smiles

With proper care of your child’s teeth, cavities are almost 100 percent preventable. Avoid sharing toothbrushes, bottles, spoons and straws to protect babies and children from the transfer of bacteria that cause cavities. Avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle of milk, juice, sweetened water or soda. Fill it with water instead. Place […]

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Tips for your child’s first dentist visit

You fall in love with that gorgeous, gummy smile. Then one day, a little sliver of pearl appears. It’s a tooth! Another milestone! As new teeth erupt, babies may get fussier, start drooling, want to nurse more frequently or go crazy for the pacifier. But the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Academy of Pediatric […]

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Pediatric dental freak out: Shark teeth!

You peek in your child’s mouth. Something looks a little strange. Cue the soundtrack from the movie “Jaws.” It’s a double row of teeth! Yikes! Somebody call the dentist — It’s Shark Week in there! It may look odd, but it isn’t a dental emergency. Ectopic eruption happens when the lower baby teeth haven’t fallen […]

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Dental sealants prevent tooth decay

Think of it as a protective nail polish for the teeth. Dental sealants were developed in the 1950s by researchers at the University of Rochester’s Eastman Dental School. Their efforts were part of the attempt to prevent tooth decay from causing cavities. Unlike today, dentistry at that time wasn’t always viewed by the public as […]

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