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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Eating disorders, birth and body image

Having a baby is a joyous occasion that can also be fraught with challenges for women who struggle with eating disorders or other issues related to body image. Dena Cabrera, PsyD, CEDS, is a licensed psychologist, clinical director for Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders in Wickenburg and co-author of “The Mom in the Mirror: Body […]

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Eating issues? Holidays can add stress

holiday eating, eating disorder, body image, holidays

The holidays should be a joyful time of year—but for adults and kids experiencing body-image or eating issues, it can actually be stressful. Cramped holiday schedules, get-togethers and large to-do lists exacerbate emotions. It’s important to be mindful of that and be prepared. Here are some tips that can help around the holiday season and […]

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Know the signs of an eating disorder

Eating disorders most commonly occur as adolescents transition from middle school to high school. The second most likely time of onset is during the transition from high school to college. During hot weather, body image awareness may intensify as teens wear lighter clothing and swimming attire. That may create the desire to change the body by trying to losing weight. […]

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Eating disorders often missed in kids with a history of obesity

You might think that when an obese or overweight child or adolescent succeeds in dropping excess pounds, the result is a happy, healthy outcome. But pediatric patients with a history of obesity-related weight loss represent a substantial portion of patients being treated for eating disorders such as binge-eating, bulimia and anorexia nervosa, according to a […]

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Walking the walk for eating disorder awareness, Take 2

A year has passed since nearly 600 people crossed the finish line of Phoenix’s first annual Eating Disorder Walk. Since then, many more men, women and young people have discovered the horrors of life with an eating disorder. Disguised by the smiles of deft liars and emotional manipulators, eating disorders are easily missed by family […]

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Eating disorders: Risking everything to be thin

I feel like I always fall short of painting an accurate picture of what it was like, how it felt and why I did what I did when I was at the height of my struggle with an eating disorder. One hot summer night four years ago, I slept outside on my parents’ porch beneath […]

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Eating disorders in diabetic teens

Q: Are teens with diabetes more likely to develop eating disorders? Studies have shown that female teens with diabetes are more susceptible to eating disorders simply because they are acutely aware of everything they eat, according to Rachel Calendo, R.N., B.S.N., C.D.E., manager of the Pediatric Diabetes Program at Banner Children’s Hospital at Banner Desert […]

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