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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Childhood anxiety: ASU program gives kids coping skills

I notice my 10-year-old daughter fidgeting as she memorizes her lines for summer-theater camp. “I’m nervous, Mom. What if I can’t remember all the words?” she wonders. My natural inclination is to comfort her and let her know everything will turn out well. Are my words helping? Every parent’s tendency is to protect their children […]

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Know the signs of an eating disorder

Eating disorders most commonly occur as adolescents transition from middle school to high school. The second most likely time of onset is during the transition from high school to college. During hot weather, body image awareness may intensify as teens wear lighter clothing and swimming attire. That may create the desire to change the body by trying to losing weight. […]

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Which teens are at risk for firearm injuries?

teens, guns, firearm injuries, self-harm, teen suicide

The patient’s parents were blindsided. Not that their son found the gun and the bullets, but that he would actually load the weapon, turn it toward his head and pull the trigger. Phoenix Children’s Hospital physician Sara Bode, MD, was his pediatrician. She’d seen this young man grow up. Good family, well-educated, doing well in […]

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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Month

We hear a lot about childhood asthma, diabetes and cancer. All are important health challenges facing families. We hear less about children’s mental health—perhaps because stigmas persist. About one in 10 children ages 8 to 15 will experience a diagnosable mental disorder such as anxiety, depression or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) during any given year, […]

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ASU conference explores violence prevention

A recently released report on the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting last December reminds us all that violence prevention deserves the year-round attention of parents, teachers and community members who work with children and teens. Last week ASU convened a free full-day conference exploring strategies for predicting and preventing rampage killings, which typically involve random targets […]

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“You Matter” – Preventing teen suicide

teen suicide, prevention, Andy Hull, LeAnn Hull

Sixteen-year-old-Andy Hull left school at lunchtime on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. He walked home, listened to some music in his bedroom and then shot himself with a family gun. “If this can happen to Andy, it can happen to anyone,” reflects his mother, LeAnn Hull. “Andy was a happy, great kid. He loved country music […]

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Youth rallies raise suicide prevention awareness

Teen Lifeline, which runs a suicide hotline for teens, is heading to several Valley locations this week to share information that might just save a life. The nonprofit is hosting two community rallies designed to raise awareness about teen suicide and connect people with local suicide prevention resources. The events feature live music, games, raffles and information from several community […]

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Abdominal pain in kids linked to anxiety later in life

Have a child who occasionally complains of stomachaches? New study findings show that kids with functional abdominal pain, or pain that defies medical explanation despite evaluation by a physician, might be more likely to have anxiety disorders as adults. In a study to be published next month in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy […]

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A better way to praise children

process praise, people praise, person praise, toddlers, preschoolers, children, parenting, AAP, AzAAP

One way parents show their love to children is by praising them as they grow. But there are different ways to deliver praise, and some are more effective than others. Parents might say, “You worked really hard!” after children complete challenging tasks like learning to tie their shoes, color within the lines or put away […]

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Mental health takes center stage

Next To Normal Play, Arizona Theatre Company, Brian Yorkey

Obesity. Heart disease. Autism. Cancer. They’re often front and center in conversations about health and wellness. Though one in four Americans will experience mental health problems, struggles with depression and anxiety rarely take center stage. But Arizona Theatre Company, which opens it 2012-13 season with “Next to Normal,” may help change that. “Next to Normal” […]

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