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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome: Queen Creek family beats the odds

In February 2012, Carrie Ford of Queen Creek found herself in premature labor at Banner Desert Medical Center’s emergency room. An ultrasound revealed a devastating diagnosis: twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare, random disorder caused by unequal blood flow between identical-twin fetuses in utero. TTTS affects up to 10 percent of identical-twin births. Anomalies in blood […]

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How to cope when your baby is in the NICU


You were expecting to carry your baby to term, but the unexpected happened. Your baby arrived early and has been moved to the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital. A Valley neonatologist offers insights on what to anticipate—and how to cope—when your baby is in the NICU. Adjusting to a new normal When a […]

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Premature babies: Anne Geddes raises awareness

No doubt you’ve seen Australian photographer Anne Geddes’ humorous and clever book and calendar photographs of costumed, sleeping babies. From her earliest years as a photographer, Geddes’ work has included philanthropic efforts to raise awareness of child abuse, neglect and the vulnerability of babies. Geddes was in the Valley this week to speak to March […]

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Rebooting the brain: Preventing neurological damage in newborns

Kristin Smith thought she was in labor. It was her second pregnancy; she knew the drill. After an exam at the hospital, however, medical professionals told her she wasn’t ready to be admitted. “They gave me Ambien [a hypnotic sedative, intended to aid sleep] and sent me home,” she says. “I’ve done some research; it […]

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Hearing loss in newborns and toddlers: when to worry

Diagnosis and early intervention are critical during the first year for the child with any degree of hearing loss.

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Take a deep breath…and clear the air for your baby

As Shapiro explains, a clear understanding of the anatomy of the air passages, where the windpipe is in relation to the esophagus, and how the entire, minuscule system must work together in order for a baby to thrive can help to make caring for a baby a little less daunting.

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Plan on breastfeeding? Speak Up™

speak up for breastfeeding

Short maternity leaves, lack of support from family members unfamiliar or uncomfortable with breastfeeding, hospital practices and policies, even nurses and doctors can undermine or even sabotage the best intentions of a new mom who chooses to feed her baby this way. Speak up about your desire to breastfeed.

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The daily rhythms of life in the NICU

Julianna Lyddon, M.C. is a Paradise Valley therapist and the author of Raising A Happy Spirit: The Inner Wisdom of Parenting. She also produces a weekly talk radio show online. The show is on every Friday from 1-2pm Arizona time at You can stream it live or listen to podcasts of past shows. Lyddon’s guest […]

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What to get when she’s expecting: Our guide to pampering moms to be

Back pain, stretch marks, swelling and nausea may not be the highlights of pregnancy but they are facts of life for those 40 blessed weeks. Today’s expectant moms need not take it lying down; there are products on the market designed to ease almost every malady associated with pregnancy. When planning for your favorite mom-to-be’s […]

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