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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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No laughing matter: Hospitals offering nitrous oxide for use during childbirth

Commonly called “laughing gas” for its euphoric effects, nitrous oxide has long been used as a pain-management tool at the dentist’s office. Now, a few local hospitals are offering it in lieu of an epidural during childbirth. “It doesn’t make them laugh, it helps patients relax,” says Betty Hart, obstetrics director at Tempe St. Luke’s […]

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Pregnancy nutrition tips for vegetarians and vegans

When I became pregnant, I worried about my vegetarianism. My natural instinct was to ensure my baby had all the proper nutrients to thrive. Was vegetarianism safe for my baby? With the help of my OB-GYN, I learned I didn’t have to sacrifice my vegetarian lifestyle, but I needed to take extra steps — including […]

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How to tell your employer you’re pregnant

If you’re expecting, congratulations! If you’re anything like me, it took a minute for that realization to sink in. Being pregnant means nothing will be the same again. After thinking about how I would tell my husband—and just jumping for joy—the next concern that popped into my head was how I was going to cross […]

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Modern Milk: breastfeeding support and “hip” hangout for moms

As a hospital labor and delivery nurse, Stephanie Nguyen observed all types of pregnancies and births. She enjoyed coaching new moms, offering breastfeeding tips and soothing cranky infants. But she started feeling like there was something missing during the transition from birth to bringing home a bundle of joy. She wanted to bridge the gap […]

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Pregnancy pampering – nurturing the mom-to-be

Sleepless nights, back pain and limited mobility are only a few of the symptoms that plague pregnant women. Carrying a baby is hard work and moms-to-be deserve some pampering. Here are some ways to ease the pregnancy woes. Indulge Book an appointment at a local nail salon like M3V The Nail Bar in north Phoenix, […]

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No alcohol during pregnancy, pediatricians say

No amount of alcohol should be considered safe to drink during any trimester of pregnancy, pediatricians are now saying. A recent study found increased risk of infant-growth retardation even when a pregnant woman’s consumption was limited to one alcoholic drink per day (a one-and-a-half-ounce shot of distilled spirits, five ounces of wine or 12 ounces […]

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Eating disorders, birth and body image

Having a baby is a joyous occasion that can also be fraught with challenges for women who struggle with eating disorders or other issues related to body image. Dena Cabrera, PsyD, CEDS, is a licensed psychologist, clinical director for Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders in Wickenburg and co-author of “The Mom in the Mirror: Body […]

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5 places to help you maintain fitness during pregnancy

Working out is an important part of your routine—but when you are pregnant, you may wonder which exercises are healthy for you and your baby. Several local studios can help you stay in shape, lift your spirits and keep your baby safe. Here are five places to maintain your fitness during pregnancy. barre3 The workouts […]

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Second thoughts about second-baby showers

Is there anything more exciting than the sweet anticipation of a baby on the way? Whether it’s your first or your fifth, there’s something magical about the planning, daydreaming, shopping and washing and folding of tiny newborn clothes. But what if this isn’t your first time around? If it’s your second, third or fourth child, […]

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Mama Boxes are a delightful delivery to moms-to-be

Mama Boxes

Inspiration struck during one Scottsdale mom’s pregnancy—and now it’s paying off in a big way. When Mandy Holmes was nine months pregnant, she was put on bed rest. She wondered why there was no care package service catering to pregnant women. Holmes gave birth to her baby boy in August 2014. By February 2015, she […]

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