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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Holiday travel with kids? Stay safe

Thanksgiving, travel, holiday travel

Travel can jumble regular routines for young children and their parents. Changes in sleeping schedules and arrangements, more people staying in a house that may not have the same level of baby-proofing as yours, and plenty of opportunities for distraction can increase the risk of accidents.

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Car seat tips for safe summer travel

Is your child’s car seat safe? A whopping 90 percent of child car seats in use are not installed properly. To be fair, there are many types of seats, not to mention many different types of cars, trucks and vans. But it seems we’ve created a difficult algorithm for ourselves when it comes to keeping […]

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Heatstroke prevention: Don’t forget baby in the backseat

Changes in routine. Fatigue, distraction, anxiety. All of that is part of life for busy parents. But any or all of the above can lead to a momentary memory lapse. And the result can be tragic. Child heat stroke deaths in vehicles continue to average approximately 37 per year, according to, a national nonprofit child […]

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Car seat safety check this Saturday

Families can have a child’s car seat recertified, learn how to install a seat correctly or get a free car seat.

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Why carpooling parents skip booster seats

Kids can easily slip out of a seat belt during a crash or can suffer serious or fatal injuries to the neck and abdomen.

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Child safety seat resources

Here’s a list of where to get help around the Valley for car seat safety checks, recalls, and other information on how to keep babies, toddlers, and older kids safe in vehicles.

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Car seat confusion? There’s an app for that

Forward-facing, rear-facing, seat-belt placing…car seat safety can get very confusing. And the statistics back that up. According to the  American Automobile Association (AAA),  four out of five car seats are used incorrectly. Read more on the five tragic mistakes parents and caregivers make when using vehicle safety seats. Choosing and using the right car seat drastically […]

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Riding with the grandparents: even safer with new AAA classes

Researchers found that a child’s risk for injury was fifty percent lower when riding with the grandparents than with parents.

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Parents: Now here’s something to be paranoid about!

Take a moment to reduce a known risk to children.

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The kids most at risk in a tight economy

Is money tight? What parents should absolutely not cut back on, and where to go for help.

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