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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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How to reduce concussions in youth football

Finally, there’s some good news to report about reducing concussions in youth football. New research shows that when coaches participated in a new safety training program, concussions among their team members were less frequent. The program, “Heads Up Football,” instructs coaches in three main areas: safer tackling techniques, the signs of concussion and helmet-fitting practices. […]

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Safe pitching practices for young ball players

safe pitching practices, overuse injuries, prepubertal pitching injuries, little league injuries, youth athletes pitch

Have a young athlete who has discovered a love for standing at the mound, winding up and letting that baseball fly? As your player sharpens skills to send the ball speeding over the plate, be sure you are aware of safe pitching practices to keep that arm healthy. A new study presented recently at a conference of […]

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Is your child at risk for heat-related illness?

Yes, it’s really, REALLY hot outside. It’s a furnace, and it’s going to be that way for several more weeks. As kids go back to school, chances are that they’ll be spending more time under the Arizona sun during recess and sports practice as the fall season begins. That raises the risk for heat-related illness. According to the […]

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Preventing ACL tears in young athletes

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are up dramatically in girls who play soccer, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. What’s an ACL? It’s one of the four major ligaments that stabilize and protect the knee joint when pivoting, running, slowing down or landing after a jump. When pre-teens grow taller and heavier as they reach puberty—beginning at age 12 […]

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Play ball — but protect young athletes from overuse injuries

Overuse injuries, by definition, are almost all preventable. And the list of significant injuries documented in today’s young athletes continues to grow…

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