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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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What’s the right age for contact lenses?

From the day 6-year-old Victoria was fitted with purple-framed glasses, I knew this request would come. But I didn’t think it would happen at age 11. When Tori first asked for contact lenses, my gut reaction was that she’s too young. Contacts, I told her, are for teens and young adults. I didn’t get them […]

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Foundation for Blind Children opens a third campus

If you’ve recently visited Sunnyslope, the area seven miles north of downtown Phoenix marked by the giant white “S” on the mountainside, you may have noticed an interesting building on the rise. It’s the new home of Phoenix’s Foundation for Blind Children (FBC). The facility, located at 1234 E. Northern Ave., marks the beginning of a new chapter for the nonprofit, […]

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Preventing eye injuries

preventing eye injuries, swimming, goggles, sports, eye safety

A scratch from another player’s finger, a ball kicked or thrown off course, a collision with a catcher’s mitt. Eye injuries that result from athletic activities can be serious—even potentially blinding. Children ages 10 to 14 had an especially high incidence of sports-product-related injury, according to a study published in the Rhode Island Medical Journal. Forty-one […]

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Get focused

Last July, Steven Russell was reading below grade level, couldn’t shoot a basketball anywhere near the hoop and was often frustrated and angry—especially when it came to schoolwork. So when the Cave Creek third-grader was flagged during a school vision screening, the reason for his symptoms came sharply into focus. Steven’s parents scheduled a follow-up […]

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Infant vision program can save lives

Grace Zellers is a bright, spunky 20-month-old girl who likes to have her parents’ undivided attention. When I met Grace and her parents in their Chandler home, the toddler had finished a snack and was signing and saying the words “all done” while I talked with her parents. When she realized they were not going […]

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