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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Holiday baking with kids makes delicious tradition

It’s easy to understand why time-crunched holiday bakers shoo kids out of the kitchen. Who has the time to teach a 7-year-old how to measure flour? You do. Baking with children is more than a time-honored rite for Christmas or Hanukkah. Spending time with flour, sugar and butter offers an antidote to shopping, wrapping, decorating, […]

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30 places in Arizona to play in ice and snow

Who says it doesn’t snow in the desert? Snowflakes and frozen “lakes” show up around the Valley with surprising frequency this month. Consider it all part of the holiday magic. If you need more than a few tons of frozen H2O, you can always make the drive to Arizona’s ski resorts, which we’ve included here, […]

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Christmas in a cup: Eggnog recipes

eggnog French toast, eggnog latte, recipe, Shamrock Farms

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance Christmas morning tradition, we have a couple good ones for you! And each makes use of a signature holiday beverage, often referred to as “Christmas in a cup” – eggnog. It’s the drink of English aristocracy, created sometime in the late 1700s by those wealthy enough to […]

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Family reading time creates special memories

After our youngest daughter Lizabeth traveled back from Brooklyn for Thanksgiving, our first outing was to a bookstore we’ve long frequented together as a family. About thirty minutes into our adventure, I looked up to find that my husband James was also there browsing for books. It’s not so surprising when you consider all the […]

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Tips for treating the hostess

Shamrock Farms, eggnog, recipes, hostess gifts, holidays

Whether you’re off to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving or have holiday parties coming up, there is always a need for a hostess gift this time of year. Or perhaps you would like a little something for your neighbor or a child’s teacher or coach. We have a tried and true idea to get you […]

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Making memories with homemade holiday gifts

Although our three children are all in their 20s now, we often run into former teachers who tell us how much they’re still enjoying homemade gifts from holidays past. One of Lizabeth’s ballet teachers takes out a homemade potpourri-laced candle when decorating her home for Christmas each year, and another uses coasters Lizabeth decorated with paint pens when […]

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Hanukkah latkes are good for Thanksgiving, too

Shamrock farms, Hanukkah latkes, kosher sour cream

Hanukkah comes early this year, with the first night falling on Wednesday, Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Eve. We heard from one Jewish family that is planning to split the Thanksgiving table, decorating half in fall colors and the other half in the traditional Jewish blue and silver. They also will incorporate some traditional Hanukkah foods […]

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Fun finds at local museum stores

They don’t have catchy jingles or fancy advertisements for luring holiday shoppers, but local museum stores are filled with unique, affordable gifts. Unless you’ve got a burning desire to battle the crowds this holiday season, consider shifting into museum gift shop mode. It’s a fun way to get through your holiday shopping list while supporting […]

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Fall festivals make holiday shopping fun

There’s precious little time left for holiday shopping when you really think about it, but several fall festivals are making it easy for Valley families to have fun while hunting for gifts during coming days and weeks. In most cases, these festivals feature works by local artisans and entrepreneurs — which means you can support […]

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Keeping the PEACE this holiday season

The holidays are a time for peace, joy and goodwill. However, holiday stress can make people lose site of this, especially when they’re juggling families, careers and even elderly relatives. You must be at peace with yourself before you can spread holiday cheer to others. Here are five suggestions from the experts at St. Luke’s Behavioral […]

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