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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Christmas in a cup: Eggnog recipes

eggnog French toast, eggnog latte, recipe, Shamrock Farms

If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance Christmas morning tradition, we have a couple good ones for you! And each makes use of a signature holiday beverage, often referred to as “Christmas in a cup” – eggnog. It’s the drink of English aristocracy, created sometime in the late 1700s by those wealthy enough to […]

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Never too much turkey!

turkey, leftovers, turkey tettrazini

Leftover turkey is quite possibly more precious than the Thanksgiving turkey dinner itself. After proclaiming to be “stuffed” from the afternoon meal, everyone always seems to find room for a second round of food with turkey sandwiches in the evening. If you’re lucky enough to have any remaining turkey after your guests head home, try […]

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Put kids in charge of Thanksgiving veggie tray

turkey shaped veggie tray

Some kids can be little turkeys when it comes to eating their veggies. By putting them in charge of the Thanksgiving veggie tray, their willingness to dig in suddenly supersedes their aversion to greens. Miraculously, their monochromatic plate of turkey, mashed potatoes and rolls is a rainbow of color and an alphabet of vitamins. Depending […]

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Tips for treating the hostess

Shamrock Farms, eggnog, recipes, hostess gifts, holidays

Whether you’re off to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving or have holiday parties coming up, there is always a need for a hostess gift this time of year. Or perhaps you would like a little something for your neighbor or a child’s teacher or coach. We have a tried and true idea to get you […]

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Healthy tips for the holidays

spinach dip, low-fat, Shamrock Farms

With the holidays come lots of desserts, parties, big dinners and other temptations. The average American gains about five pounds between the Thanksgiving and New Year holiday. But celebrating with family, friends and food does not mean you have to sacrifice your nutrition and weight goals. Here are some tips that can help you stay […]

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Create an attitude of gratitude with upcycled crafts

With Christmas decorations taking over stores, catalogs clogging our mailboxes and wish lists being drafted, it’s easy to rush through Thanksgiving without pausing to reflect on everything we’re thankful for. We’re as eager as anyone to put up Christmas decorations and hum favorite carols, but to have a day dedicated to giving thanks and sharing […]

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Plan a kid-friendly cookie exchange

eggnogg, cookies, bottle snowman, crafts, cookie exchange, Christmas

‘Tis the season for baking cookies! If you don’t already have a cookie exchange on your calendar, now is the time to consider hosting one. It’s simple to host a kid-friendly event that involves everyone. While adults are chatting and cookie swapping, keep the kids busy with an easy winter craft. (See our milk bottle […]

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Hanukkah latkes are good for Thanksgiving, too

Shamrock farms, Hanukkah latkes, kosher sour cream

Hanukkah comes early this year, with the first night falling on Wednesday, Nov. 27 – Thanksgiving Eve. We heard from one Jewish family that is planning to split the Thanksgiving table, decorating half in fall colors and the other half in the traditional Jewish blue and silver. They also will incorporate some traditional Hanukkah foods […]

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Soups for the season

carrot walnut soup

As our daytime high temperatures dip into the mid-70s, we central Arizonans are able to get excited about a light sweater in the mornings and the prospect of cozy meal that warms our house with smells of the season. There’s no better dish for this than soup, and nothing’s more special than homemade soup. It’s also […]

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Punkin’ Dip Thanksgiving Appetizer

Shamrock Farms, pumpkin dip, sour cream, Thanksgiving, recipes

Celebrate the pumpkin with this Thanksgiving appetizer ‘Tis the season for pumpkin – pumpkin lattés, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin loaf and, of course, pumpkin pie. And now, a pumpkin appetizer! But, before we get into that, do you know how nutrition packed pumpkin is? One cup of pumpkin puree has only 80 calories, zero grams of […]

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