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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Dancer David Hallberg to speak at Changing Hands

I think I’m in love. Yeah, it’s mom-love; but it’s still a thrill, and it’s all because I watched an old audition tape of a boy at a barre, all arms, legs and eyes, dancing with grace and discipline beyond his years. His performance was stunning, but it was those eyes, wide with hope and […]

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Cosmic connections: How to start stargazing with kids

My father doesn’t dip his toes in the water. When he’s interested in something, he dives in headfirst. So when he became interested in astronomy, 8-year-old me was in for a treat. He bought all the books. He memorized names of constellations and introduced them like characters in our bedtime stories. His excitement was contagious […]

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Amy Silverman’s “My Heart Can’t Even Believe It” explores Down syndrome

Rick D'Elia Photographic

People who dodge bullets—real or metaphorical—are giddy with relief; survivor’s guilt and denial come later. Averting one’s gaze from the less lucky is a common way of getting on with life. I acknowledge that I hesitated a moment before beginning “My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love and Down Syndrome”, Tempe […]

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Locks of Love and the power of hair

I stood alone in the kitchen and pulled the braid out of the Ziploc bag. It was still soft and shiny, and smelled of her shampoo. I put it up to my nose and started to cry. How can a single braid elicit such emotion? The day before, my younger daughter Hannah, 20, her sister […]

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“The Tiffany Box” is a moving tribute to motherhood

An early chapter of The Tiffany Box, A Memoir, by Arizona-turned-California author Kathleen Buckstaff, raises the subject of picture day at school. Buckstaff describes her then 4-year-old daughter’s decision to wear a beloved but “tattered, stained sundress” for a photo that will forever document who she was during that year at school. Buckstaff is conflicted. […]

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The last day of school

Relief. Sadness. Exhaustion. Anticipation. The last day of school brings forth a variety of feelings for students and teachers alike. There is relief that you made it, because sometimes you really wondered if you would. Sadness that you are losing a group of children you have loved and laughed with for 180 days. Exhaustion from […]

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Mothers share their stories

More than a dozen mothers will gather in Scottsdale next month for a public reading of works they’ve written through Mothers Who Write workshops taught by Amy Silverman and Deborah Sussman Susser. Silverman is managing editor of Phoenix New Times and has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York. She lives in Tempe […]

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Sparkling memories of the 4th

When I was young my family lived down the street from Scottsdale Stadium. On the 4th of July we would walk down to the stadium to watch the fireworks. I remember lugging blankets to spread out on the meticulously groomed grass and waiting until dark for the show to begin. There were ground fireworks—giant structures […]

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I am a camera

I’m sitting at my computer watching a slide show of photos of happy kids, untroubled parents and a family that clearly loves life, each other and having fun. Who are these people?

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With a grain of salt

I’ve realized that my children, no matter how “right” I may be in my parenting decisions, will remember only the silly, foolish, unmistakably “wrong” choices I seem to make. I have thus determined to stop lamenting my “wrongness,” and to instead live an unexamined life in which I do not dwell in the deep caverns of guilt, remorse and debilitating self awareness.

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