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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Take my advice: New moms get plenty of it!

Before I became a mother, I didn’t realize growing a human attracted so much attention. The moment my pregnancy began to show, I became a target for unsolicited advice. I would leave the market with more pregnancy anecdotes than groceries. I couldn’t go to the mall without being stopped at least twice. As an introvert, […]

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Work-life balance: Mesa couple creates family-friendly networking events

We’ve all been there: After grinding through another long work week and tackling an even longer list of household chores, you get invited to happy hour with co-workers and friends. You almost jump at the chance to have a night out. But first, you need to find and pay for a babysitter. Then, guilt settles […]

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Remember the non-moms on Mother’s Day

non moms, Mother's Day, chocolate cupcakes

“Guess what, Mom? She made them again!” Within seconds, my daughter had devoured the homemade chocolate cupcake. For the past several years, a friend of mine has baked these goodies “just because.” These random, unexpected surprises are a treat for my daughter, and for me, too, showing how my daughter’s circle of love extends beyond […]

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What kids want moms to know — in time for Mother’s Day

“What does my child think of me?” It’s a loaded question, and moms don’t often have the time or energy to probe the subject with their sons and daughters. At the same time, kids may shy away from “getting too deep” about their feelings. That doesn’t mean moms don’t want to hear what their kids […]

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Parenting hack: Quick family meals from pantry staples

Working parents know the sinking feeling only too well. It’s 6 p.m. and you’re met at the door by hungry, cranky kids and the realization that you forgot to thaw the pork loin for dinner. With a well-stocked pantry and a little know-how, there’s no need to panic or dial for takeout pizza for the […]

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The Rites of Passage offers parents help with ‘the talk’ and more

Discussing sex and puberty with kids is difficult. Extreme awkwardness aside, parents often hold outdated ideas about the birds-and-the-bees talk since they had theirs decades ago. Just trying to determine exactly when your son is ready for “the talk” or navigating your  preteen daughter’s wild, tearful mood swings is tough. That’s why Jodi Kaye, a […]

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Helping Hands for Single Moms offers mentoring, scholarships

For most young adults, going off to college is an exciting adventure — a new chapter that promises to deliver new friends, unique experiences and an escape from dependence on parents. But for single moms just starting college, the path to higher education can be overwhelmingly stressful. Many of these women want and need to […]

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We want you! (To join the RAK Readers Advisory Panel)

Somehow, we went from summer to the holiday season in a snap. If that’s not fast enough, we’re already looking ahead to the January issue of Raising Arizona Kids. In January, we’ll welcome a new 2017 RAK Readers Advisory Panel — a dozen local parents who will be our informal sounding board. We’re looking for […]

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LA comedians, co-creators of “I Mom So Hard” sell out Phoenix shows

  To stressed-out moms everywhere, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley are internet rock stars. The co-creators of online comedy act #IMomSoHard have gotten about 15 million views with their organic banter on the trials of parenthood — most of them with wine glasses in hand. The LA moms/actors/comedians recently kicked off a national comedy tour […]

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Junk in the Trunk is big business for local mompreneurs

Lindsey Holt and Coley Arnold are sitting in a modern concrete-and-glass office space near Scottsdale Airport, eating salads on vintage chairs pulled up to a cool handmade wooden dining table. They’ve just returned from a week in San Diego, where they annexed and hosted their popular Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market one weekend (they’ll […]

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