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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Resolve to teach your kids financial skills this year

Gregg Murset is a Scottsdale-based financial planner and a Queen Creek father of six who has long thought about preparing his kids to be financially independent. In other words, he jokes, “How do I get all of these people to move out of my house and never come back!” Murset’s basic philosophy is this: Early […]

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Resolve to open a 529 to start saving for college bills

Start saving a little each year toward your children’s college bills, and you can watch your investment grow along with them. The federal government helps make college more affordable for families by allowing states to offer various tax-advantaged investment programs for a child or other family member. These programs vary from state to state and […]

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“Workshopping” moms of Mothers Who Write

Mothers who write, Amy Silverman, Deborah Sussman

There is something about becoming a parent that makes you wax poetic in ways you never did before. Or, at least, you would if you had the time. If writing is your thing—and you can make the time—check out the biannual (spring and fall), 10-week Mothers Who Write workshop. The group meets weekly at Scottsdale […]

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Is college worth it? ASU president weighs in

Arizona State University President Michael Crow presented his case in favor of higher education during a recent and well-attended annual “community conversation” at ASU’s Galvin Playhouse in Tempe. “Is college worth it?” explored the compelling questions of ever-rising costs of higher education. Crow mentioned Peter Thiel, co-founder of Pay Pal, who argues that college is […]

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Looking for ways to help your children learn the gift of giving? Scottsdale-based recently added Wounded Warriors to its list of charity options. is a free online chore chart and reward system designed to help kids manage money earned from chores. Children track “points,” representing pennies earned, and allocate them to three different […]

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Mesa exhibit features money art and education

Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa was filled with families for last week’s opening of its “Show Me the Money!” exhibition. The exhibition features 10 stations exploring different aspects of money, and runs through Sunday, Jan. 20. It’s meant to showcase “the colorful art of coins and currency” and demonstrate how cash has influenced the […]

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Buy, share, sell

There are so many games, books and DVDs it’s easy to catch “Amazon-click fever.” You find a book you really want to read, or a DVD you want to watch, add another to your cart to get free shipping, add another (why not, shipping isn’t a factor) and soon you’ve ordered a shelf’s worth. Then […]

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Now, if you’ve never had to take money from your children, let me tell you, it is not an enjoyable task. You feel low, dirty and basically like you’re some kind of hopped up addict who needs to steal from her kids in order to score her next fix. It’s ugly, even when you’re doing it for the right reasons.

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Junior Achievement stock market challenge

Junior Achievement of Arizona held its annual Stock Market Challenge at the Arizona Biltmore in November 2011. High school students were given $500,000 of mock money to invest in a simulated market composed of 26 companies. A trading day occurred every minute or so, with two 45-minute trading sessions. The only thing missing was a Mock […]

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Money facts for kids

Here’s an interesting stat from a survey commissioned by BMO Harris Bank: 89 percent of parents think they are an important source of basic money management knowledge for their kids, but only 36 percent actually talk to their kids about basic money management on a weekly basis. Maybe they’re too depressed about their finances to […]

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