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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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5 questions for foster care expert Paul Davis

As director of foster care services at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona, Paul Davis is responsible for the organization’s foster care and respite operations in Pima and Maricopa Counties. Devereux is part of a national foundation serving about 5,500 individuals and families in Arizona, providing residential treatment, day school, outpatient services, respite care, adult foster […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: Teens in foster care are making the world a better place

Sixth in a series about foster care in Arizona Autumn is 17 years old and a junior in high school. While other kids her age are struggling to figure out what they want from life, she has a clear vision for her future: “I’m going to help people.” The wish to help others is not […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: Make a difference for kids in foster care

Fifth in a series about foster care in Arizona The joys of childhood are simple — a ride on the swings at the park, a game of catch in the yard, a quick story before bedtime. It doesn’t take much to make children happy. But as Torrie Taj, CEO of Child Crisis Arizona explains, “Not […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: Forming forever families through adoption

Fourth in a series about foster care in Arizona Chandler mom Michon Javelosa always knew she wanted to adopt. “I was not interested in having biological children,” she says. “I figured there were plenty of kids out there.” Her husband, David Staricha, agreed. They decided to attend an orientation at Child Crisis Arizona. Their initial […]

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Kinship care: Grandmother of four takes on the unexpected

Third in a series about foster parenting in Arizona Four years ago, Kelly Ray left her job as a special needs instructor in Ohio to be closer to her daughters and grandchildren in Chandler. A recent widow, she looked forward to being near family, especially her grandchildren. She also had friends in the area and […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: In foster families, love transforms

Second in a series about foster care in Arizona Gilbert couple Becki and Brett MacLay always knew they wanted a lively household, and that’s exactly what they got. Their children — 9-year-old Chloe and 6-year-old twins Landon and Brennan — fill the days with plenty of activity. But that’s not all. The MacLays also are […]

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At-home volunteering: Make “no-sew” blankets for kids in foster care

Families Giving Back creates in-person volunteering events as well as at-home projects for families with kids of all ages. These events and projects — in conjunction with nonprofits across the Valley — offer opportunities that can fit any family’s busy schedule. This month, we’re spotlighting our partnership with Southwest Human Development. The first 2,000 days […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: Nearly 18,000 kids are in foster care. What happens next is up to us.

About 40 children — infants through preschoolers — temporarily reside at Child Crisis Arizona’s emergency shelter in Mesa. These are children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and/or neglect, and for whom foster-care placement has not yet been possible. The Mesa shelter isn’t the only emergency facility in our state, but […]

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Project Jigsaw: A family for everyone

This story begins with two people who met through mutual friends at work. They found it comfortable to be together. A friendship blossomed. One night, they decided to go bowling. They didn’t think of it as “a thing”—they thought it was just hanging out as friends. It was fun—playful competition, easy conversation. They discovered how […]

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Grandparents raising grandchildren – a success story

grandparents raising grandchildren

“I wanted to thank you for raising me into the wonderful person I am and putting your name onto something so huge, it means more than you will ever know.” That’s just one line of a letter Alicia Beaumier wrote to her grandmother, Janice Allen, also of Mesa, last year. It is also a testament […]

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