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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Teens in foster care: Making the world a better place

For this final installment in a six-part yearlong series about the nearly 16,000 kids in state care, writer Sheri Smith meets an inspiring group of teens in foster care who are determined to make a difference. Autumn is 17 years old and a junior in high school. While other kids her age are struggling to […]

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Arizona’s Children: Make a difference for kids in foster care

It really does take a village. For this fifth installment in a six-part yearlong series about Arizona’s foster care crisis, we explore ways to support the nearly 17,000 kids in state care — even if you can’t foster or adopt. THE JOYS OF CHILDHOOD are simple — a ride on the swings at the park, […]

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Arizona’s Children: Forming forever families through adoption

Editor’s note: This is the fourth story in a six-part series about foster care in Arizona, where more than 16,000 kids remain in state care. Here, we look at three families who have adopted children in the foster care system. Chandler mom Michon Javelosa always knew she wanted to adopt. “I was not interested in […]

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Shopping, dining with Care Card supports Foundation for Blind Children

When you watch 4-year-old Oliver Clark negotiate the halls of the Foundation for Blind Children, you are truly watching a miracle. The Phoenix boy has come a long way from the crib in China where his forever family found him two years ago. Born with albinism, he has no pigment anywhere, including his eyes, which […]

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ARIZONA’S CHILDREN: In foster families, love transforms

Gilbert couple Becki and Brett MacLay always knew they wanted a lively household, and that’s exactly what they got. Their children — 9-year-old Chloe and 6-year-old twins Landon and Brennan — fill the days with plenty of activity. But that’s not all. The MacLays also are a foster family, which means that on the day […]

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At-home volunteering: Make “no-sew” blankets for kids in foster care

Families Giving Back creates in-person volunteering events as well as at-home projects for families with kids of all ages. These events and projects — in conjunction with nonprofits across the Valley — offer opportunities that can fit any family’s busy schedule. This month, we’re spotlighting our partnership with Southwest Human Development. The first 2,000 days […]

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National Adoption Day creates hundreds of new forever families

National Adoption Day, Arizona

For 9-year-old Nevaeh Andrews, being adopted by her aunt and uncle last Saturday was the beginning of a new life. She was not alone—more than 300 children were adopted in Maricopa County that same day. November is National Adoption Month and around the country it’s marked with celebrations similar to the one at the Durango […]

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Arizona adoption attorney Kathryn Pidgeon

She was a reluctant law student. Yet she stuck with it. She graduated, married a classmate and together they moved to Phoenix. It was a friend and fellow lawyer who helped open the door to a career that fit Kathryn Pidgeon perfectly: adoption attorney. That was more than 30 years and some 2,000 adoptions ago. […]

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How adoption medicine supports families

Shay Patel was 20 months old when Heather and Himanshu Patel, of Florence, officially became his parents. Shay (pronounced “Shy”) was born in India, near Calcutta. The orphanage where he was cared for had limited medical information about him, though caregivers there knew his biological mother was young and that he had received oxygen and […]

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Working “for the little ones” in Ethiopia

It has been nearly seven years since Brian and Keri deGuzman of Paradise Valley stood in the Addis Ababa airport, a new baby daughter in their arms. As they awaited an Ethiopian Airlines flight back to the U.S., they looked into each other’s eyes. They smiled at the small child who made them a family. […]

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