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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Sharing the child rearing

What should we make of the research reported by Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., a child psychiatrist at Yale University’s Medical School and Child Study Lab? He says that infants respond differently to fathers and mothers. Young children tend to relax in mommy’s presence and become more alert in daddy’s. Mothers tend to be a predictable […]

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Building positive early-childhood memories

grandfather, child, memories, childhood memories

Parents make an effort to give children pleasant memories to carry into adulthood. They plan elaborate birthday parties and excursions, fret over special gifts and tell stories of successes and happy times as children grow. Over the years, they share sweet stories that become the shared history and connections that siblings have with each other. […]

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Bad days and good days

tantrum, preschooler, bad day, frustration

A really bad day starts out when your preschooler wakes the baby. Then she fusses about whatever is available for breakfast, asks for something else and promptly rejects that when you serve it. Your frustration starts to build. As your child senses that you are fed up, her anxiety rises and more and more defiance […]

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Teaching “polite”

In a world filled with incivility and vulgarity, how do we teach young children to be polite? Being polite is more than saying “please” and “thank you,” although that is part of it. It is asking for something instead of demanding. It is answering a question when asked. It is saying hello and goodbye to […]

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The power of the pause

Adults forget that young children need time to process what is said to them. Preschoolers understand the words, but thinking about them and then acting on them can take a minute or two. The most effective parents know to wait before following up a statement with a repeat or an action. The most frustrated parents […]

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The trouble with princesses

princess play, preschoolers, toddlers, parenting, Susan Cedar

Thirty years ago I parented a little girl growing up in Arizona. As I do it again now, I’ve noticed that times have changed for young females. Many little girls now have mothers who work by choice. They may go to a female pediatrician, wave to a lady police officer and be preached to by […]

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How to respond to preschool tattling

sibling, squabble, tattletale

Many parents put more energy into scolding about tattling than they do about teasing, pushing or generally disobeying. They worry that their children will be weakened in their ability to handle other children if adults intervene. They worry that their children will become annoying, holier-than-thou members of the family or playgroup. They want their children […]

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Dressing preschoolers

You wouldn’t think that issues related to clothing would emerge for children ages 2 through 6 but, in the age of Barbie dolls and Batman capes, designer labels and bare midriffs, they do. Children have strong preferences and schools have definite ideas as to what works best in their settings. At back-to-school time, parents find […]

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At the playground

playground, children, slide

Forget the fancy, flashy restaurant with video games and dancing animal figures or tunnel slides. Forget movie videos, remote control cars and GameBoys. When you want to enjoy a couple of hours with young children, all you need is a simple picnic and a trip to the park. Phoenix is blessed with many school playgrounds […]

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The indispensible comfort item

teddy bear, boy, comfort

Do yourself a favor. If your child has not already attached to a special stuffed animal, blanket or small toy, keep offering one anyway — at bedtime, when you’re leaving the house or when your child is angry or sad. We all need to learn to self-soothe. Our loved ones are not always available to […]

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