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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Revising our relationships

Ellen Greenblum, Raising Arizona Kids Magazine guest writer, Empty Nest, Phoenix, Arizona

I talk on the phone to my mother, who lives in Florida, two to three times each week. She asks me how the weather is, what I’m making for dinner, how close I am to any fires in Arizona, if my boyfriend has taken me out lately and where we went. She wants to know […]

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Navigating the empty nest years

college years, empty nest, leaving for college, coping with change, arizona

Scottsdale mom Beth Southworth started her blog, “Emtnester: Still Looking for the Worm,” in August of 2008, when the baby in her family left for college. Her initial post was about that first goodbye to her last child. “On the morning we dropped her off at the college campus, I awoke with pain in my […]

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Going away, and coming home

Caley Goldblatt, Raising Arizona Kids Magazine intern writer, empty nest, phoenix, arizona

When I received an acceptance letter from an east coast university I’d applied to on a whim, I decided to visit just to check it out. I had already accepted a place at the University of Arizona and I was ready to be a Wildcat. I even had a roommate and a dorm assignment. All […]

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Fly away

Mary Ann Bashaw, Raising Arizona Kids Magazine writer, Empty Nest, Phoenix, Arizona

This feeling of unease, of impending change, is not so unfamiliar anymore. I first became aware of it when my older child, Claire, left for college in 2009. But I had a welcome consolation; after several months of living in a fog in the wake of Claire’s departure, my relationship with my younger daughter, Hannah, […]

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Claire’s cloud nine

off to college, childhood memories, napping at all ages, picking your battles, NAU

I just made my daughter’s bed. Of course it was hardly the first time I’ve done this. I’ve made Claire’s bed countless times over the past 20 years. But now that she’s away at school, up at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, the task feels different, unlike the typical, mindless household chore. The first bed […]

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