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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Raising responsible children: Unlocking the power of high expectations

The debate continues about how much parents should expect of their children. Do high expectations heighten or hinder children’s behavior and performance? The digest of a recent Harvard Family Research Project study confirms what we learned over the past 35 years of teaching children of all abilities: Setting high expectations is a positive form of […]

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Raising responsible children: The power of encouragement

Encouragement is an important skill that must come from the heart. Encouragement shifts the emphasis from a mere pronouncement of praise – “I’m so proud of you!” – to forcing your children to think about how they feel about their behavior or accomplishment. Here are some examples of encouragement: “Way to go, Son. How does […]

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Raising responsible children: The power of experience to teach life lessons

A PhD was asked, “What is your most significant credential when negotiating life’s challenges?” Her immediate response was, “That would be my ‘MOM in parenting’ degree. It’s when I learned the value of allowing the natural consequences of childhood mistakes. When children are allowed to experience the natural consequences of their own mistakes, valuable life […]

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Raising responsible children: The power of example

We have all had moments when we say to ourselves, “Why did I just say such a thing to my child? I sound just like my mother!” That may be a good or a bad thing, depending on the example set by our mothers. But the truth is that raising responsible, respectful children begins with […]

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Raising responsible children: The power of empathy

Do your children behave differently at home than they do at school? At home, do they whine, complain, procrastinate and look to you to solve their problems? Are they unresponsive and irresponsible? How do you avoid the ensuing power struggles? Parents commonly respond to a child’s negative behaviors and mistakes by ranting, lecturing and rescuing, […]

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