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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Celebrating Christmas in the spirit of Diwali

Hindi songs played in the background while my sister and I decorated our Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments. When I was a little girl in a small Texas town, my East Indian immigrant parents insisted on celebrating familiar customs associated with the holiday season: ordering fruitcake from the famous Collin Street Bakery in […]

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Paradise Valley Christian College Prep graduates its first class

Paradise Valley Christian College Preparatory school Phoenix

I went to Paradise Valley Christian College Preparatory High School (PVCCP) in Phoenix to talk to members of its first graduating class, but 16.7 percent of the seniors were absent. Senior ditch day? They graduate on May 20, so the timing would be about right. But no, there are only six seniors at PVCCP, and one […]

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“Nicky’s Family” recounts children’s rescue

For Phoenix mother Deborah Muller, the subject of a film called “Nicky’s Family” really hits home. Both her mother’s parents, now deceased, were Holocaust survivors. “Nicky’s Family,” being shown Saturday, Jan. 12 at Chandler Center for the Performing Arts, features the story of a man whose actions saved hundreds of children from death during the […]

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Happy New Year?

This week, most Jewish people ignored the minor holiday of Tu B’Shvat. Unlike the biggies, like Rosh Hashana, Chanukah and Passover, Tu B’Shvat has always occupied a spot on the sidelines, kind of a red-headed step-child kind of holiday.

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Sorry, minus the strings

In some ways, Yom Kippur offers Jews a forgiveness insurance policy. “Please forgive us for all the sins we are bound to commit in the coming year.”

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Oye, he’s a man already?

I sang out triumphantly, “I won! I won! I finally beat you.” But after a moment, I saw clearly what that victory actually meant. That time was passing. That life was fleeting. That one generation makes way for the next. It was sad. Heartbreaking in a way I will never forget…

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Back to school roller derby

Lace up your skates, moms. It’s time to hit the aisles and go for the gold. If you’re fast and tough, you might actually secure that Justice League lunch box and water bottle your kid’s been pining for all year. Show no mercy. It’s back to school time.

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Maybe Sarah Palin, in one of the upcoming Republican primary debates, will cite Lulu as her favorite political philosopher, just as George W. did in the now infamous 1999 debate when he chose Jesus Christ as his. WWLD?

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A political diversion

Hard to think about anything today other than the President’s speech yesterday in Cairo. Look, I’m a Jew, first and foremost. The whole wife, mother, sister, lover thing somehow always manages to take a back seat to who I am religiously…

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When I stand up for myself I feel…

i can’t even return things i buy that i ultimately decide i don’t want. I’m not kidding.I never take anything back. I throw out moldy Trader Joe’s produce. I donate defective electronic equipment with tags still in tact. I wont even return clothes that don’t fit me.

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