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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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We want you! (To join the RAK Readers Advisory Panel)

Somehow, we went from summer to the holiday season in a snap. If that’s not fast enough, we’re already looking ahead to the January issue of Raising Arizona Kids. In January, we’ll welcome a new 2017 RAK Readers Advisory Panel — a dozen local parents who will be our informal sounding board. We’re looking for […]

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Reflections on fatherhood

To celebrate Father’s Day, we asked three Valley dads to share their insights into the joys—and challenges—of fatherhood. You don’t have to be perfect to be a dad By Anthony Pelino “World’s Best Dad,” proclaims the mug from which I drink my morning coffee. I often engage in self-talk about my parenting skills, criticizing myself […]

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Voices from the Village: When do you let your child quit?

Perseverance versus freedom Learning when it’s OK to quit can be as important as learning when to persevere. How do we know when to listen to our kids’ desires? When do you let your child quit? When should you push them to keep going? A Valley lawyer, a music teacher and a soccer coach offer […]

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Voices from the Village: Are you an overprotective parent?

Letting children fail helps them succeed Parents instinctively try to comfort children when they are hurt, and to insulate them from disappointment and failure. But rescuing children from the inevitable consequences of life won’t help them grow and develop into capable, responsible adults.   Let kids skin a knee or talk to a stranger When […]

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Voices from the Village: How can we manage screen time?


Technology is exciting, enticing and ever evolving. Its seductiveness has made “screen time”—time spent using an electronic device such as a television, computer, smart phone, tablet or game console—this generation’s most common parent/child power struggle. How can we distinguish between “good” and “bad” time spent in the technology playground? How can we create reasonable expectations […]

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Voices from the Village: Domestic responsibilities

Should you let your spouse do the laundry even if your favorite yoga pants might be ruined? Sometimes the key to balancing domestic and childcare responsibilities is as much about giving up control over how you want things done as it is about equality. Perhaps balance falls somewhere in between holding on and letting go. […]

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Voices from the Village: Can women have it all?

This year, RAISING ARIZONA KIDS introduces “Voices from the Village.” In this periodic feature, contributing writer Alexandra Muller Arboleda will invite experts and parents to share their opinions on current topics of interest. We welcome your comments! FINDING BALANCE AT WORK AND AT HOME By Alexandra Muller Arboleda It was the middle of the night […]

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