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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Furry friends from Gabriel’s Angels foster strong readers

Students at Humphrey Elementary in Chandler were among the first to try the new Animals, Books and Children program — ABC for short — by Gabriel’s Angels, a local nonprofit that offers healing pet therapy for at-risk kids. ABC pairs kids with a pet-therapy team for fun and furry reading sessions that help improve children’s […]

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“It’s a Dog’s Life” exhibit at kids’ i.d.e.a. Museum celebrates canines

The newest exhibit at Mesa’s kid-friendly i.d.e.a. Museum takes families on an art-filled ode to man’s best friend. “It’s a Dog’s Life,” on exhibit Friday, Sept. 30 through Sunday, Jan. 22, includes hands-on activities featuring dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals and dingoes. Kids can play pretend in a mini veterinarian clinic, create a doggie collage based […]

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Saying goodbye to a pet at home

Pet loss, Christina Nutter

It was a sad day in October 2012 when the Naumann family said goodbye to Kiley, a beloved family member. Kiley, 11, was a 120-pound yellow Labrador retriever who had raced down the hallways of their Gilbert home before their own children had. Kiley’s health was quickly declining and she had lost the use of […]

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Raising chickens

Goats, sheep, dogs, rats, snakes, turtles, turkeys, deer, cows. No, I am not a zookeeper or a farmer—just a mom who could never say “no” to pets. Some we found, others found us. But they all made our lives interesting and brought us joy. Well, except for the 70-pound tortoise. He brought us new backyard […]

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Kids and pets – Views from a Valley mom and vet

Sundi Ashenfelter, DVM, doesn’t remember a time before the animals. She grew up caring for dogs, cats, horses—and a few desert tortoises, too. Now she’s a small-animal veterinarian in Scottsdale, with two daughters of her own. Ashenfelter shares her insights about kids and pets. Why is adding a family pet good for kids? It helps […]

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Tips for taking pictures of pets

Photographing people often requires them to sit still long enough for you to get that perfect portrait. Photographing pets is similar, but includes appropriate hand motions and more forceful “Sit!” and “Stay!” commands. Assuming you are photographing a well-trained pet amenable to being posed, the amount and quality of light are the main concerns when […]

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Feeding Fido: DIY dog treats

Pets are a funny thing. Amid the chaos of life, we decide, “Yes! Let’s add some more craziness to the mix!” They are truly like our children. We open our homes and our hearts and these furry little creatures return the love. It’s worth vacuuming up the pet hair—three times a day. Alas, our family’s […]

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Thinking of adopting a pet?

Are you considering adding a new pet to your household? Pet ownership offers many benefits to families. Pets not only make great companions, they create the opportunity for children to learn responsibility and empathy. And don’t forget fitness from daily walks and play time. Before heading out to choose a pet, consider these helpful, important […]

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Tips from a pro: Dental health for cats and dogs

What kind of professional dental care do cats and dogs need? Right from the start—whether you adopt an older pet or bring home a puppy or kitten—ask your veterinarian for a thorough exam of the teeth and mouth, says veterinary dentist Chris Visser, DVM, of Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists in Scottsdale. Visser has devoted much […]

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Pay attention to your pet’s teeth

Whether you adopt an older dog or cat or bring home a puppy or kitten, don’t wait until there’s a problem to pay attention to your pet’s teeth. Veterinary dentist Chris Visser, DVM, of Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists in Scottsdale, offers these tips on dental health for your new furry family member: Start a daily […]

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