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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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My Day at Camp: D-backs teach calendar editor mad baseball skills

I think it was my second day at Raising Arizona Kids when the publisher casually mentioned staff members get to spend a day at summer camp. “I’m in!” I thought. But how does one even start to choose a camp? That’s when it hit me like a four-seam fastball: Why not pick something my kids are passionate about? […]

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The more things change…

Pushing a stroller around our neighborhood was a way for me to escape the “cabin fever” of a hot Phoenix summer—and to lose some baby weight. I’d head out early, while the haze of August monsoons kept temperatures manageable. I’d meander up and down the hilly streets of our condominium complex near the Phoenix Mountain […]

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THEN and NOW: Sheri Heitner-Anderson, Abbi & Ari

Often during a cover shoot, a young child will have a whining-and-sobbing meltdown. The result is red eyes and a runny nose—hardly the ideal look for a magazine cover. (So far, the parents have held it together.) Looking back at the images from the January 2010 cover shoot of Sheri Heitner-Anderson and her kids, then […]

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THEN and NOW: Raising Arizona Kids is a community of collaborators

Karen Davis Barr Publisher and Editor Beginnings: We started working in my son David’s bedroom in the fall of 1989. We had a cheap desk, a very slow computer and train-motif wallpaper. I taught myself Pagemaker desktop publishing software in the middle of the night, while my two sons slept. The biggest change in 25 […]

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Rising to service

Mary Ann Bashaw, Joanne Cacciatore, MISS Foundation, Arizona

Every two years, grief experts and grieving families come to Arizona from all over the world. For three days, they participate in educational workshops, panel discussions and healing activities designed to support the most difficult of journeys. The conference is hosted by the Arizona-based MISS Foundation, a nonprofit established to provide resources and support to […]

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Rising to service, rising to challenge

Our magazine first explored the difficult topic of a child’s death in 1991, when a local mom shared a first-person account of her own excruciating journey. “Sarah’s Story” was something that I, then the mother of healthy 5- and 3-year-old sons, couldn’t fathom. I still can’t. The impact of her story never left me — […]

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Art meets journalism

Journalists from around the state gathered Saturday night at a funky little joint called The Duce to recognize the “best journalism in Arizona” during 2011. A decade ago, journalists gathered at the Heard Museum. Journalists get around, and so does the Arizona Press Club Awards Party. Several journalists were recognized for coverage of the arts […]

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The restorative power of painting poppies

The months from November through February are always a long slog for our small staff. As if the challenges of publishing monthly magazine and daily online content are not enough, we add two huge projects to the mix: our annual Schools, etc. education guide and our annual Camp Fair AZ, held the end of each […]

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An operose project

I am a longtime subscriber to’s Word of the Day. This was the definition that popped into my in-box yesterday morning: operose OP-uh-rohs, adjective: 1. Done with or involving much labor. 2. Industrious, as a person. It’s not a commonly used word. In my 30-plus years as an editor I’ve never run across it. The […]

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Thinking "different" on the day Steve Jobs died

Through no one’s fault but my own, I lost a month’s worth of work and email. I am typically very compulsive about weekly backups on my laptop. But in early September I found myself distracted by company in town, a busier-than-usual social life and beautiful, cooler weather in which to pursue adventures on my bicycle instead […]

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