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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Swim season brings drowning risks; Here’s how to keep kids safe

Swim season is here, and while it’s a favorite time for kids and families to start enjoying the Valley’s many pools and water parks, it’s also a time to be hyper-vigilant about water safety. Melissa Sutton, president of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, has comforted too many families who have lost loved ones to […]

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77 years of summer camp at Friendly Pines in Prescott

Bebe May is the matriarch, heart, soul and owner of Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott. At 82, she still lives on the grounds of the camp her parents, Bud and Isabelle Brown, founded in 1941. She and her husband Jack, a former fighter pilot and businessman, assumed ownership in the 1960s and ran it together […]

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Watch for warning signs 72 hours after a near-drowning

It’s just another typical day at the pool, until you see your 8-year-old son struggling in the water. Without hesitating, you dive in, grab your son and pull him out of the water. You breathe a sigh of relief because he immediately coughs up water and is not experiencing any trouble breathing. He says those […]

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Fun pool games teach serious swim skills

For kids growing up in metro Phoenix, pool time extends way beyond time spent in lessons. We asked the experts at Hubbard Family Swim School to share some of the games they teach to keep pool time fun for kids—while helping them build strength and endurance in the water. And an obvious (but important) reminder: […]

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Water safety and autism

autism, swim lessons, Mesa, Arizona, Swimkids USA

Parents and caregivers must be vigilant whenever children are near pools, lakes and other water features. This is especially true when it comes to water safety and autism. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children or adults who have autism, according to Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. The […]

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How to be good sports parents

We’ve all seen them—parents shouting instructions to their children during a sporting event or criticizing the coach in front of athletes during practice. While these might be obvious displays of bad sports behavior, many parents of children who participate in sports have questions about what’s right and wrong when it comes to their roles on […]

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Swimming is more than a sport—it’s a way of life

The parking lot at Cactus Pool in Scottsdale fills up early on Memorial Day weekends for the Scottsdale Aquatic Club (SAC) annual signature event: the Cactus Classic. The event attracts some big names: six-time Olympic medalist and Tucson resident Matt Grevers and Giles Smith, the University of Arizona graduate who became a multiple All-American and […]

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When do you take down a pool fence?

So your kids are a little older and they’re all good swimmers. Is it time to take down the pool fence? Cardon Children’s Medical Center Injury Prevention Specialist Tracey Fejt, RN, encourages families to keep pool fences in place no matter what the age range in the household may be. “A pool fence is truly […]

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Choosing the right pool barrier

During a recent remodel of their Phoenix home, Rachel and Carter Lipton researched options to protect their four young children—Adlai, 8, Satchel, 6, Sol, 3, and Abe, 6 months—from unsupervised access to the family pool. They decided to install a grid-style, rust-colored wrought-iron fence. They looked into other options but decided they wanted something permanent […]

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Olympic moms share the benefits of swimming

Olympic moms, swim moms, youth sports, benefits of swimming

Reporters gathered in the shade of an awning at Mesa’s Skyline Aquatic Center recently to interview four very important women: D.A. Franklin, Mary Gen Ledecky, Jeannine Leverenz and Nancy Moreno. If you can’t place those names, perhaps this will help—three are the mothers of Olympic medalists: Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Caitlin Leverenz. Moreno is […]

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