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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Southwest Human Development launches children’s book writing contest

Southwest Human Development early literacy

Parents have plenty of experience making up bedtime stories—some even dream of having their stories published one day. If you’ve always wanted to publish a children’s book, there’s a new opportunity you might want to consider. Southwest Human Development, Arizona’s largest nonprofit dedicated to early childhood development for children ages birth to 5, recently launched […]

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“Workshopping” moms of Mothers Who Write

Mothers who write, Amy Silverman, Deborah Sussman

There is something about becoming a parent that makes you wax poetic in ways you never did before. Or, at least, you would if you had the time. If writing is your thing—and you can make the time—check out the biannual (spring and fall), 10-week Mothers Who Write workshop. The group meets weekly at Scottsdale […]

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Handwriting: Brains love learning with pen or pencil on paper

What’s the best way to remember essential information at a conference, lecture or while reading research materials? Copy and paste into a Word document? Record audio on your smartphone and listen later? Take copious notes on your laptop and get every last word verbatim? If you—or your kids—want to learn something, take notes by hand […]

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Creative writing classes—for grown-ups!

There’s nothing glamorous about spending the wee hours doing laundry or kitchen duty. When we’re fortunate enough to find time for ourselves, it’s nice to have projects that enrich our lives beyond partner or parenting spheres. Creative writing is a fun choice that fits easily into pockets of time not sucked up by the responsibilities of work […]

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Inspiration for writers of all ages

Know a teen whose nose is usually plastered to the pages of the latest young adult novel? A mom whose life would make the stuff of great stories? A tween who dreams of writing his own book one day? Or a friend looking for ways to get her first how-to book published? Plenty of Valley programs […]

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Theater company seeks kid reporters

Bryn Creek of Gilbert has been attending Childsplay shows in Tempe since she was a preschooler. She has a special fondness for Childsplay productions featuring the antics of Junie B. Jones. Last season, she got to go behind the scenes as one of four kid reporters selected by Childsplay to review shows and share their thoughts […]

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Doing poetry proud

Wondering whether there might be a bit of poet in us all, Lynn Trimble looks for common threads in the lives of nine youth competing Thursday night in this year’s Arizona Poetry Out Loud finals.

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Cactus meets creativity

Lynn Trimble shares honorees and highlights from the 2012 Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards, held March 27 at the Herberger Theater Center — where folks enjoyed everything from whoopie pies to luggage art. Ain’t art grand?

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Once upon a makeover

Anticipating renovations to the Scottsdale Civic Center Library, Lynn Trimble shares “before” pictures taken in January — eager to share “after” photos once work is completed.

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Quilting for literacy

Quilts featuring squares by famous children’s authors line the walls of a library inside the Brooklyn’s Children’s Museum, reminding Scottsdale writer Lynn Trimble that Arizona families can celebrate literacy together at a March 24 event in Phoenix.

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