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Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Fall leaves garland craft

fall leaves garland craft

Fall has finally arrived in the Valley, signaling the start of the holiday season. What better way to decorate around the house than with a homemade—kid-made—fall leaves garland? My daughter Grace and I made some to hang on my piano. She loved this activity and spent more than an hour using the droppers. It was […]

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Fall leaves cork painting


For fans of celery painting, here’s a variation that’s perfect for a fall. Cork painting compliments the developing small-motor skills of young children and the results are frame-worthy! SUPPLIES Paint Paint brush Cardstock Corks (Michaels offers packages of corks in various sizes) DIRECTIONS Paint a tree shape on your piece of cardstock. Place a small […]

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Halloween candy-corn craft

Candy corn craft

Here’s a super-simple Halloween activity that’s perfect for toddlers—and won’t cause cavities: a candy-corn craft made with construction paper. It’s also great practice for sorting, counting and working on fine motor skills. This craft was provided by Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp, who made this easy craft with her preschool-age daughter Grace. A professional musician by trade, Bopp […]

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Halloween cotton-ball ghost craft

Halloween craft, Halloween, cotton-ball ghost

Here’s a simple Halloween activity that’s perfect for toddlers: a (friendly!) cotton-ball ghost craft. This craft was provided by Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp, who will likely be making several cotton-ball ghosts for Halloween with her preschool-age daughter Grace. A professional musician by trade, Bopp also has two sons. She blogs at Almond Place. What you’ll need cotton […]

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Painting with celery a perfect project for preschoolers

celery painting, toddlers, painting, art projects, crafts

Painting with celery bases gives toddlers and preschoolers a nice chunky grip for their “paintbrush” and quick, colorful results as they create their own garden masterpieces. This project was provided by Phoenix mom Mandy Bopp, who says her preschool-age daughter, Grace, loved it so much “we made six posters in one day.” A professional musician […]

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Homemade play dough

crafts with kids

Play-Doh is fabulous and can be so much fun! But it has a funny smell—and dries out too quickly. Using this recipe, we make homemade play dough that lasts on the shelf for months. Leave it white or let your child choose a color (or get creative blending colors). Adding essential oils or extracts like […]

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Summer craft: Dive sticks that glow


Summer nights in the pool are a highlight of childhood in Arizona. This simple, kid-friendly craft will add a bit of magic to those twilight swims. All you need is a few plastic water bottles, glow sticks and pebbles. • Add five or six pebbles to the water bottle to help it sink. • Snap […]

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Festive table lanterns for Fourth of July celebrations


Repurpose empty cans to make these festive table lanterns for your Fourth of July barbecue. Materials: Empty cans, washed and labels removed Star-shaped paper pattern Tape Hammer Nail (longer nails are easier to grip) Craft paint in red, white and blue Paint brushes Directions: Fill clean cans almost to the top with water. Freeze for […]

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How to make a sundial clock


Sunny Arizona gets a bad rap in the summertime, but you can wow the kids by showing them how to use the sun to tell time. This simple sundial clock is made from a paper plate, a pencil and a free printable clock-face template. Paint the back of the plate or leave it plain. Cut […]

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Fun and easy bird feeder craft for kids

Cheerio-Feeder, Paging Super Mom

This mess-free bird feeder craft is easy to make with the kids. Thread cereal Os onto pipe cleaners. Bend the pipe cleaners into a circle and twist the ends together. For a more finished look, tuck the ends back into the cereal. Make as many cereal hoops as desired and connect them to make a […]

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