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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Make a paper flower garden

paper flower craft

The idea behind this craft is to let your child use the materials freely, with as little interference as possible. It took a little bit of prep ahead of time to make sure I had enough pieces ready prior to starting. SUPPLIES Construction paper cut into various shapes: circles, squares, triangles, etc Glue Poster board […]

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Painting cherry blossoms


This was one of my favorite painting activities to do with my daughter. I had seen a version on Pinterest but wasn’t quite ready to commit to buying a piece of canvas to hang on the wall. This method is cheap and easy and kept Grace standing and moving around while she did the stamping/painting. […]

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Painted fork flowers


With the desert in full bloom, we decided to create some flowers of our own. This simple art project required very little prep work or guidance. Once I gave 3-year-old Grace the basic instructions (starting with painting the green grass), I added the flower stems. She enjoyed using the different colors of paint and it […]

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“B is for Butterfly” sun catcher craft


Our daughter Grace is 3 years old and still at home with me. She’ll be headed to preK in the fall, so we’ve been working on some preschool readiness activities. She is eager to learn and I’m thrilled to help her along! One of the things we’ll be focusing on these next few months is […]

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Dot-painted rainbow craft

rainbow craft

Our kids love anything and everything to do with rainbows. I was looking for something that at least two of my kids would enjoy doing and this rainbow craft fit the bill. It requires a little preparation, but cutting out the pot of gold was easy and took very little time. The activity became a […]

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St. Patrick’s Day four-leaf-clover craft

four leaf clover craft

With a 3-year-old in our house, we are all about tissue paper crafts! This St. Patrick’s Day four-leaf-clover craft was perfect for Grace to do (mostly) independently. I simply printed out the clover shape and cut the squares of tissue paper—she did the rest. Grace made several clovers with the leftover tissue, which helped buy me some […]

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Cloud dough craft

cloud play dough

My kids love all things dough related: cloud dough, play dough, moon dough, kinetic sand—you name it, I’ve swept it off the floor! Recently, my youngest was looking for something to do while I ran some errands. Hitting up Target for a stash of play dough wasn’t on the list. I had all of the […]

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Valentine heart art craft

Valentine heart art

Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re surrounded by all things hearts! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we decided to make something pretty for Grace’s bedroom wall. I’ve seen lots of stamp paintings on Pinterest, but I wanted something a little more permanent—so we used a small canvas instead of paper. Our valentine […]

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Puffy paint snowman craft

A completed puffy paint snowman craft.

My 3-year-old daughter, Grace, has been obsessed with all things snowman this season. I was looking for a fun, sensory activity involving painting, gluing and cutting. The puffy-paint mixture is easy to make—and kids will love the creamy texture while they make the craft and the soft, squishy texture after it dries. In fact, all […]

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Happy New Year fireworks craft


This festive craft came to me when when I was trying to figure out a creative way for our family to celebrate New Year’s Day. After noticing the shape of a dish-washing brush in the grocery store, I envisioned the big puffy fireworks we often see ringing in the new year. Given my 2-year-old Grace’s […]

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