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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Tin can craft is a wrap!


If being better organized is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, then these fuzzy, catch-all cans might come in handy as pretty organizers. All you need is a clean can, yarn and glue. Prepare the can by removing the label and cleaning inside and out, ensuring there are no sharp edges. Begin decorating by […]

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Holiday craft: Magic string ornaments


These oversized ornaments are easy and fun to make with your kids, who will be impressed by how they keep their ball shape. To make this holiday craft: Cut a strand of yarn approximately 10 yards long and soak in liquid starch. (This is the same store-bought starch called for in the October slime recipe, […]

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Turn recycled cans into harvest drums


Little ones will enjoy keeping a beat on these tribe-inspired drums. Made from balloons and recycled cans, they’re a perfect centerpiece for the kids table at a Thanksgiving feast. • Gather and clean open cans in various sizes. • Cut and discard the skinny neck off a balloon and stretch the larger piece over the […]

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Spooky Slime for Halloween

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If your children don’t mind getting their hands dirty, work together to create this delightfully disgusting slime. Empty a four-ounce bottle of school glue into a bowl. Fill the empty bottle with warm water, shake and pour out into the bowl. Color the slime by mixing in two tablespoons of acrylic craft paint or eight […]

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Binoculars craft encourages exploration


Through a child’s eyes, the world is an amazing place! Encourage your little one’s imagination by constructing a fun set of play binoculars. To make this binoculars craft: Tape together two toilet paper rolls side by side. Cut a strip of paper approximately 3×11 inches wide. Let your child decorate the paper as desired with […]

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Back-to-school craft: Star ruler wreath


With summer winding down and kids heading back to school, it’s the perfect time for a quick craft project. This simple star ruler wreath will look great on a mantel or hanging on the front door. All you need is five wooden rulers and glue. With adult supervision, use hot glue—it dries the quickest. (Wood […]

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Summer craft: Dive sticks that glow


Summer nights in the pool are a highlight of childhood in Arizona. This simple, kid-friendly craft will add a bit of magic to those twilight swims. All you need is a few plastic water bottles, glow sticks and pebbles. • Add five or six pebbles to the water bottle to help it sink. • Snap […]

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“Best Dad” Award


For Father’s Day, award Dad with this paper plate ribbon. To make it look official, paint the back sides of two small paper plates gold. While the plates are drying, download the free printable template from (or use colored paper). Cut out four ribbons and a circle. Our template includes a “No. 1” medallion […]

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Brilliant Blooms


Colorful blooms are a hallmark of spring. This fun craft can be freshly picked from supplies found around the house, including paper plates, tissue paper and colored paper. Cut the tissue paper into one-inch squares. Glue the squares all over the back of a paper plate. Cut eight one-inch strips from the short side of […]

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Plant an egg carton


With some adult supervision, a little garden is a lot of fun for kids to plant and maintain. Now is a great time to plant cucumber seedlings that will produce fruit in early summer. Cucumbers don’t like their roots disturbed, so start seedlings inside eggshells that can be planted directly into the soil. The nutrients […]

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