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Saturday, February 25, 2017

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Fuzzy Santa beard craft

fuzzy Santa beard craft

Families are starting to decorate their homes for the holidays, but decorations don’t always have to be store bought. Often the most treasured ones are made by little hands. This simple yet engaging fuzzy Santa beard craft is popular at our house. My daughter Grace was occupied for well over 30 minutes as she and I […]

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Bubble wrap creates an undersea scene


Here’s a fun activity for young fans of “Finding Nemo” (or Dory), Sea Life Aquarium Arizona in Tempe or the new Scottsdale attractions OdySea Aquarium and Dolphinaris. What you’ll need: Uncoated paper plates Washable paint: green, blue, orange Bubble wrap Construction paper: white, green Scissors Glue Black pen or googly eye What to do: Cut […]

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Spooky Slime for Halloween

Halloween craft, spooky slime, make slime, crafts with kids, PagingSupermom.com

If your children don’t mind getting their hands dirty, work together to create this delightfully disgusting slime. Empty a four-ounce bottle of school glue into a bowl. Fill the empty bottle with warm water, shake and pour out into the bowl. Color the slime by mixing in two tablespoons of acrylic craft paint or eight […]

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Halloween crafts: An all-seeing pumpkin


It’s time to pull out the Halloween crafts, and this one “wicked” easy! A handful of googly eyes and regular school glue is all it takes to elevate an orange squash to front-porch scare status. In our hot climate, carved-pumpkins have a surprisingly short life. So this knife-free decorating method is ideal, not to mention […]

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Preschoolers can paint a watermelon wedge

watermelon, painting, craft, summer, preschoolers, things to do, art project

My kids are watermelon addicts! Once summer hits, it seems nearly impossible to keep enough watermelon around in our house.  I love being able to just cut it up and pop it in the fridge for my kids to grab at will. Because watermelon is part of our daily summer life, I wanted to incorporate […]

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Kids can paint fireworks to extend 4th of July fun


Kids are fascinated by fireworks! Continue the fun well past the 4th of July with this painting project. You’ll need: Brightly colored paints Black construction paper Empty toilet paper rolls Scissors Posted by Mandy Bopp, a professional musician and the mother of three children. She also blogs at almondplace.com.

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Festive poppers for the 4th of July

popper, craft, 4th of July, Arizona kids, things to do with kids, #RAKfamilytime

My kids love anything tactile and messy. This homemade popper was super easy to make and really inexpensive because I had most of the supplies on hand. You can very easily customize poppers to any holiday that is coming up. I made one of these for each of our kids and I know they will […]

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Make a fingerprint gumball machine


My daughter has become obsessed with gumballs. She loves everything about them! She enjoys exploring different types of gumball machines and we always carry a quarter with us in the event she spots one. This summer, as we head toward her first days of preschool, we’ve been looking for some activities to do that help […]

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Make a paper flower garden

paper flower craft

The idea behind this craft is to let your child use the materials freely, with as little interference as possible. It took a little bit of prep ahead of time to make sure I had enough pieces ready prior to starting. SUPPLIES Construction paper cut into various shapes: circles, squares, triangles, etc Glue Poster board […]

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Painting cherry blossoms


This was one of my favorite painting activities to do with my daughter. I had seen a version on Pinterest but wasn’t quite ready to commit to buying a piece of canvas to hang on the wall. This method is cheap and easy and kept Grace standing and moving around while she did the stamping/painting. […]

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