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Thursday, February 22, 2018


  • Raising a child with special needs – the parents’ journey

    Nothing illuminates a subject more powerfully than personal stories. This podcast, created from a panel discussion at Raising Arizona Kids magazine’s first annual Special Needs Resource Fair, features stories from several parents who are raising children with special needs — and perspectives from a longtime special-education teacher. Our panelists: Stacy Strombeck-Goodrich Outreach Coordinator Arizona Autism […]

  • special needs advocacy, Arizona, special needs, lawyer, attorney, advocate

    Advocating for your child with special needs

    Navigating the special education system can be confusing, overwhelming and emotional. You’re worried about your child. You’re dealing with people you don’t know, information that is new and an alphabet soup’s worth of acronyms. No parent should go into it unprepared. At Raising Arizona Kids magazine’s first annual Special Needs Resource Fair, panelists explained the […]

  • Special needs early assessment and intervention

    Panelists from Raising Arizona Kids magazine’s first annual Special Needs Resource Fair talk about developmental red flags, how to request a developmental assessment and how you can find local resources for early intervention if your child has been diagnosed with a developmental delay.   Local resources for early diagnosis and intervention More podcasts    

  • NEW WAY ACADEMY – What it’s like growing up with learning differences

    “Yes I have a learning difference… It doesn’t mean I can’t learn.” Straight from the minds and mouths of high school students at New Way Academy in Phoenix, a podcast featuring honest and courageous personal perspectives about navigating the school years with ADHD, autism, Asperger syndrome, dyslexia, anxiety disorders and other challenges. Listen to the […]

  • KATHRYN PIDGEON – Phoenix adoption attorney

    Phoenix adoption attorney Kathryn Pidgeon has stacks of scrapbooks brimming with photos, graduation announcements and holiday cards from the families created by more than 2,000 adoptions she has facilitated over 30 years. Pidgeon talks about how adoption has changed, social media and confidentiality, international adoptions and how the adoption process can be more affordable than […]

  • MAX and MARC ASHTON – Raising a blind child

    When the phone call came saying Baby Max was blind, the one positive piece of news was a recommendation to contact the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix. Eighteen years later, Marc Ashton directs the foundation. Max, 18, a 2014 graduate of Brophy College Preparatory, studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Max and Marc talk about their hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, […]

  • KATE WELLS – Children’s Museum of Phoenix CEO

    In 1998, Kate Wells and her friends rounded up preschool teachers, a pediatrician, a lawyer and others to set up a planning committee and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix was born. Kate talks about the museum’s grassroots beginnings, the historic Monroe building where the museum is housed and what happens on […]

  • CHRIS LINEBERRY – Putting kids first

    Chris Lineberry, EdD, is the principal at Stanfield Elementary School near Casa Grande. Here, he talks to multimedia journalist Vicki Louk Balint about kids on statins, redefining how academic success is measured and more cafeteria time to eat lunches in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to being an innovative educator, Lineberry also co-directs the nonprofit […]

  • DOMINIQUE ROE-SEPOWITZ – What parents need to know about sex trafficking

    Associate Professor Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, PhD, directs the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research at Arizona State University. She also runs Esuba, a residential treatment program for adolescent girls who have been sexually exploited. She talks about changing the way our culture views women, how her work influences raising her own two children and why […]

  • DANA WOLFE NAIMARK – Advocating for Arizona’s youngest citizens

    Learn about three flaws in “the system” that continue to make it tough for the children of Arizona. Discover a few concrete ways voters can make a difference in children’s lives. Dana Wolfe Naimark, president and CEO of Children’s Action Alliance, talks about advocating for Arizona’s youngest citizens. Read the related article.

  • SUE JOHNSON – The Family School tradition

    Sue Johnson, director and a co-founder of The Family School in downtown Phoenix, talks about why kids thrive in an atmosphere that focuses on strengths and diversity. Plus: Is getting kicked out of preschool a new trend? Why are student/teacher ratios so critical for children? Read the related article to learn how The Family School […]

  • RAISING ARIZONA KIDS – A community of collaborators

    March 2014 launches the 25th year of publication for Raising Arizona Kids, which started as a small, home-based business tucked into the corner of a child’s nursery. In this collection of interviews by multimedia journalist Vicki Louk Balint, you’ll meet each member of our team. Some have been with the magazine from the beginning and […]

  • Kimberly Marshall, Arizona Safe Baby Haven Coalition, safe haven laws

    KIMBERLY MARSHALL – Saving babies through state safe haven laws

    Kimberly Marshall, FNP-C, is an emergency department nurse practitioner and one of the co-founders of Arizona Safe Baby Haven Coalition. She talks about ending the culture of pregnancy shame, stories of babies who were saved through the state haven law and how her personal story as the child of teen parents has influenced her work […]

  • Joyce Millard Hoie, Raising Special Kids

    JOYCE MILLARD HOIE – Support for families Raising Special Kids

    As executive director of the Phoenix nonprofit Raising Special Kids, Joyce Millard Hoie oversees efforts to provide information, support and resources to children with disabilities and their families. Here, she talks about her own personal journey as the parent of a child with autism, describes the impact a special-needs child has on a family (including […]

  • SCOTT HANSON – The ref’s point of view

    HMA Public Relations president Scott Hanson has always been involved in sports. He played football, baseball and wrestled in high school. He’s worked in television as a sportscaster. And for well over 25 years, he’s served as a baseball umpire and a football referee for area high school games. Raising Arizona Kids sports writer and […]

  • DAVID & SONJA SAAR – 30 years of Childsplay

    Childsplay’s artistic director David Saar and fiber artist and arts educator Sonja Færøy Saar have been sharing their passion for the arts with children and their families for well over 30 years. They talk about about how they met, the challenge of getting Childsplay off the ground in the early years and the importance of […]

  • Rhian Evans Allvin, NAEYC, child advocacy

    RHIAN EVANS ALLVIN – Early childhood advocacy

    Saying goodbye to friends, family, colleagues—a cross-country move when you’ve lived most of your life in Arizona can be bittersweet. But for longtime early childhood advocate and leader Rhian Evans Allvin, former CEO of Phoenix-based First Things First, the pull was strong and the time was right. Allvin recently was tapped as executive director for […]

  • MARK DIX – The challenges of childhood music lessons

    Mark Dix, viola player for the Phoenix Symphony and founder of The Downtown Chamber Series, was hooked on playing professionally during a summer festival experience shortly before he left for college. Now dad to Louie, 7, and Naomi, 9, he shares some tips for parents on how to make music a part of family life: […]

  • MARI KOERNER, PhD – Dean of ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

    Mari Koerner, PhD, says she had no idea what she was doing when she first began teaching. As dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, her philosophy on training education students was influenced by those early teaching experiences. In our podcast, Koerner talks about the impact of new technologies, the […]

  • ROBIN BLITZ on raising kids with ADHD – “It takes a lot of energy”

    As a developmental pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Robin Blitz, MD, takes care of young patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disorders. At home, while raising two boys of her own, she’s learned firsthand how to navigate the rough waters of an ADHD diagnosis. Blitz talks about coping skills, management plans and keeping […]

  • THE POISON PROS – Give them a call and they’ll talk you through it

    It happens so quickly. You try not to panic. You pick up the phone, you call poison control. To be precise, that’s Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center at 1-800-222-1222. We talked to the some of the team members on the other end of the line. On top of the trends Sharyn Welch, […]

  • AMANDA MISSILDINE, RN – Liver transplant saved her live

    Eight years ago, Amanda Missildine should have been winding up her senior year with prom, graduation and all the festivities that come with finishing high school. Instead, she became gravely ill from a rare genetic disease. A liver transplant saved her life. Now, as a nurse at Maricopa Medical Center, she cares for patients and […]

  • XAVIER’S SISTER JOAN – Grateful for the opportunities

    Sister Joan Fitzgerald arrived in Phoenix in 1962, ready for the assignment from her order, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or BVMs. She was to be a Spanish teacher at what was then Xavier High School. She never left. Fifty years later, now principal of Xavier College Preparatory, Sr. Joan talks […]

  • TARA HITCHCOCK-FRANCIS and DYLAN FRANCIS – “Your life could change like that”

    When his father said, “Tonight your life is about to change,” they were prophetic words for Dylan Francis, now 17. The Scottsdale teen had been grounded indefinitely that January 2012 afternoon for making some bad decisions while his dad and stepmom, former “Good Morning Arizona” host Tara Hitchcock Francis, were out of town. Remorseful about […]

  • JOHN ELLIOTT: Providing a “blueprint” for high-risk pregnancy

    He was an ambulance driver with plans to become a trauma surgeon. But when he delivered his first baby as a young medical student, John Elliott, M.D., FACOG, was scared to death. Fear gave way to pure joy as he watched the family see their new baby for the very first time. Now, he’s a […]

  • PEARL CHANG ESAU: Cultural change for Arizona’s students

    Pearl Chang Esau is the president and CEO of Expect More Arizona, a communications and advocacy organization dedicated to bringing what she calls “world class education” to all students in Arizona. Expect More’s goal is to enlist parents’ help to raise the expectations for students so they are better prepared for jobs requiring higher levels […]

  • RON HABERLE: PeppedUp! to support kids battling cancer

    When Hodgkin’s disease interrupted his life at age 19, Ron “Hab” Haberle spent post-chemotherapy recovery sessions in his dad’s recliner, with little to distract him from thinking about how sick he was. Now a software engineer with a passion for giving back, Haberle started the nonprofit organization PeppedUp! to provide portable electronic devices to young […]

  • Leevon Guerithault, French restaurant, working mother

    LEEVON GUERITHAULT – Everything but the cooking

    She does the planning, the hiring, the managing, the organizing, the marketing—whatever it takes—to run the family business, which includes Vincent on Camelback, Vincent Market Bistro, a Saturday seasonal French market and a corporate catering offshoot, Vincent Van Go. Everything, that is, but the cooking. Leevon Guerithault talks about raising kids around a restaurant, mentoring […]

  • Anthony Conti, Nitalia Conti, The Purple Society, Pediatric Cancer, support for families dealing with cancer

    ANTHONY CONTI: Fighting pediatric cancer

    Nitalia Conti distributed blankets because she knew firsthand that chemotherapy treatments make you cold. She walked the halls of the oncology floor to reassure other patients fighting pediatric cancer. The Conti family of Gilbert lost 14-year-old Nitalia to the disease in January 2011. Soon after, they formed The Purple Society, a foundation that supports families […]

  • Bobb Cooper, Valley Youth Theatre

    BOBB COOPER: Making magic happen

    This fall, Bobb Cooper, producing artistic director for Valley Youth Theatre, begins his 17th year with the company. He talks about taking risks, keeping the audition process positive and why theater “families” bolster the confidence of young actors on stage—and in life. Talk about what drew you to the theater. It was something that I […]

  • Piya Jacobs

    PIYA JACOB: Just a sweet school touching lives

    It’s a teacher’s utopia, a parent’s dream and it offers what every child deserves—a chance to fall in love with going to school. Desert View Learning Center, a small private K-4 school in Paradise Valley, began nearly 40 years ago when a few dedicated teachers hoped to create a place that would launch young children […]

  • DALE GUTHRIE, MD – Move ahead and be positive

    This month, Gilbert pediatrician Dale Guthrie, M.D. begins a two-year term as board president of the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A father of six and grandfather to eight, he talks about the hip injury that led him to pediatrics, the long-term impact of a mission trip in Central America and what […]

  • Arturo Gonzalez

    ARTURO GONZALEZ, M.D.: Treating patients as family

    This month, Scottsdale pediatrician Arturo Gonzalez, M.D., ends a two-year term as board president of the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He talks about backyard surgery, “Dr. Google” and barriers to pediatric health care. You were born in Nogales, Ariz. What are your earliest memories of visiting the doctor? They are not […]

  • JANE WALTON: Helping families and patients share their stories

    Jane Walton, senior media relations specialist for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, has been connecting Valley reporters with medical experts, patients and families for more than 20 years. She talks about her own early hospital memories, a career change after five kids and why she absolutely adores her job. Your experience with hospitals dates back to childhood. […]

    Building Arizona’s girls lacrosse community stick by stick

    Fifteen years ago, an east-coast college coach put a lacrosse stick in Jessica Livingston’s hand—and she never let go. She packed up her passion for the sport when she moved to Arizona after graduation, and set out to build a lacrosse community as coach, player and general LAX evangelist. Jessica talks about the sport that […]

    Fighting back after traumatic brain injury

    Passionate volleyball player for Xavier College Preparatory. Nutrition major at Cal Poly. Health advocate and accomplished athlete. Kaitlin MacKay’s life was forever changed Sept. 9, 2009, when she was hit by a car in an intersection near her college in San Luis Opisbo, Calif. Kaitlin, now 22, talks about her personal healing journey after a […]

  • Michele Michaels

    MICHELE MICHAELS – Support for the challenges of hearing loss

    Around 700,000 people in the state of Arizona are hearing impaired. Michele Michaels is one of them. As an outreach and educational specialist for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Michele travels throughout the state providing information, resources and support to people of all ages faced with the challenges of hearing […]

  • Daniel Kessler, MD, Southwest Human Development, developmental pediatrician, Phoenix

    DANIEL B. KESSLER, MD – Respecting individual differences

    Last year, developmental behavioral pediatrician Daniel B. Kessler, M.D. joined Southwest Human Development to help establish the Children’s Developmental Center. The center offers a team approach to assessing and treating children birth to age 5 who face developmental or behavioral challenges, minimizing the frustration factor for parents seeking answers and support. Kessler talks about medication […]

  • Kathleen Lewis

    KATHLEEN LEWIS – Sending comfort and gratitude with Packages from Home

    Kathleen Lewis always considered herself a patriot. But when her son Christian enlisted in the U.S. Army on Sept. 11, 2001, her love of country shifted into overdrive. Just after Christian’s initial deployment, she established Packages from Home, a non-profit organization that packs and ships boxes of comfort items year-round to service members all over […]

  • Michelle Ray

    MICHELLE RAY – Finding the keys to gratitude

    Nursing student and single mom Michelle Ray talks about the diabetes diagnosis that threw her life off track until her daughter Uriel, 4, was born, the challenges of managing chronic disease while homeless and finding a way out with help from UMOM New Day Centers. You were diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 12. What […]

  • Tim McClellan

    TIM McCLELLAN: What you can learn from training the best athletes

    Pick a sport. Any sport. For more than 30 years, strength and conditioning coach Tim McClellan has likely helped somebody get better at it. McClellan thrives on tailoring a plan for anyone who wants to work hard—from local high school sports teams to middle school Little Leaguers to pro athletes in the off season and […]

  • Luis Gonzalez

    LUIS GONZALEZ – Baseball, bonding and being a dad

    Ten years after that big World Series win, you’ll find retired star outfielder Luis Gonzalez in a tiny front office at Chase Field, learning the business side of the game as special assistant to Diamondbacks President and CEO Derrick Hall. Gonzo talks about lasting bonds with the team, baseball beginnings and what he’s learned about […]

  • Kendall Glover

    KENDALL GLOVER: Lives to dance

    CBS called her “the amazing Kendall” and her performance last February on the dance competition show “Live to Dance” certainly fulfilled that expectation. The only solo finalist—then just 11 years old—Phoenix dancer Kendall Glover wowed the judges and the audience, coming home with a second place finish and a lifetime of memories. Those memories include […]

  • Rachel Bennett Yanov

    RACHEL BENNETT YANOV: What perseverance looks like

    Rachel Bennett Yanov never intended to be a teacher; she planned a career as a politician, or maybe an investment banker. But after a chance meeting with representatives recruiting for Teach for America during her junior year at Georgetown University, Rachel’s path took a yearlong detour. When she graduated in 2003, she came to Arizona […]

  • Jen Bowman

    JEN BOWMAN – 100 pounds lighter, one bite at a time

    Jen Bowman of Laveen had packed on the pounds. A stressful career as a mortgage writer, the birth of her son, then a layoff during the failing housing market period—which drastically cut the family income—combined to create a sedentary lifestyle full of calories and devoid of exercise. But when she became pregnant a second time […]

  • Gunther Brenes

    GUNTHER BRENES: A sense of gratitude

    The toppling of dictators, shooting in the streets. Daily violence and chaos, anxiety about the future. Children witness the trauma of social and political upheaval, too—and the disruption of young lives leaves a lasting imprint. It’s a story Gunther Brenes, a Scottsdale software engineer, knows well. As a young child, he and his family left […]

  • Jeanne Nizigiyimana

    JEANNE NIZIGIYIMANA, MSW: Medical advocacy for women and children refugees

    Mass killings and political unrest, persecution by dictators. Jeanne Nizigiyimana was born and raised in Burundi, a small, landlocked country in East Africa that witnessed unspeakable violence when a decade of ethnic-based war shattered countless lives. After receiving asylum to reside in the United States, Nizigiyimana and her young family began anew in Arizona, facing […]

  • Ceci Christenson

    CECI CHRISTENSON – Bone marrow donation advocate

    If you want to have a conversation with 17-year-old Carolyn “Ceci” Christenson, choose the phone or her back patio. After treatment for a blood cell disorder, she must limit close contact with others as her immune system gains strength. As she heals, she’s working to raise awareness about a simple test that could save countless […]

  • Dena Cabrera, PSY.D.

    DENA CABRERA – Encouraging healthy relationships with food

    Wickenburg’s Remuda Ranch has treated women and girls for eating and anxiety disorders since 1990. Psychologist Dena Cabrera, Psy.D., director of educational outreach, talks about the connection between bullying and eating disorders, bargaining with kids about food and why every family should have a “no diet” policy. Talk about what led you to the work […]

  • Liz and James Zorn

    LIZ AND JAMES ZORN: A commitment to marriage, medicine and parenting

    Every year in late June, a photo composite of new residents appears on the wall at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. That’s where James Zorn, R.N., MBA, caught a first glimpse at Liz Foley, M.D. He made sure their paths crossed on the floor during the night shift, and the rest is history. James and Liz Zorn […]

  • Annette Burns

    ANNETTE BURNS: Why divorce attorneys stay married

    Phoenix attorney Annette Burns has been practicing family law in Arizona since 1984. She talks about how custody arrangements have changed, how her career has impacted the way she’s raised her daughters and why divorce lawyers tend to work extra hard at staying married. People come to lawyers with disputes. But they come to family […]

  • John Hinson

    JOHN HINSON: Software engineer, pianist, composer, dad

    John Hinson composes solo piano music on a massive vintage Chickering concert grand that sits smack dab in the middle of his Anthem home. His technical talents as a software engineer may pay the bills, but his true passion keeps him creating, composing and contributing his art to anyone who wants to listen. When did […]

  • Nancy Smith

    NANCY SMITH: A career’s worth of puppets

    It’s a form of entertainment that spans centuries, cultures, and continents. Nancy Smith, founder of the Great Arizona Puppet Theater, talks about her early experiences with puppetry, changes in audiences she’s observed over the years and how to prepare small children for a first performance. For more than 25 years, you’ve created performances that entertain […]

  • Gayle Shanks

    GAYLE SHANKS: Books connect us to the World

    Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe began in 1974 with the musings of a few parent volunteers hoping to connect a community of readers. Gayle Shanks was one of its founders and is currently a co-owner (with Cindy Dach and co-founder Bob Sommer). She talks about changes in the book-selling industry and why books matter. Why […]

  • Ann Spisak

    ANN SPISAK: 50 years of dance

    Spisak Dance Academy’s beginnings trace back to a screened porch in Wickenburg. That’s where Ann Spisak, a professional dance performer, began giving lessons to her daughters and neighborhood children in 1960. Why did you open a dance studio? [Laughs.] I didn’t really think it through. It wasn’t in my plans. But it just happened so […]

  • Sheila Roberts

    SHEILA ROBERTS: Ready to respond, wherever & whenever

    Phoenix Fire Battalion Chief Sheila Roberts talks about tough calls, saving lives and getting along with the guys. You became a firefighter when the profession didn’t exactly welcome women. A friend of mine worked for the Mesa Fire Department. He said that the men hated girl firefighters. I said, “Are you kidding me? You wouldn’t […]

  • Ann Meyers Drysdale

    ANN MEYERS DRYSDALE: Mercury GM still just wants to compete

    Phoenix Mercury General Manager Ann Meyers Drysdale talks about breaking barriers, raising kids and building the WNBA. What shaped your interest in sports? I have five sisters and five brothers. When you’re that big of a family, you’re very competitive and very active. Sports were a great outlet for all of us. My oldest sister […]

  • Larry Winget

    LARRY WINGET: A “tough love” message for parents

    Paradise Valley resident Larry Winget has written six books on personal and financial responsibility. He’s a regular on radio and television, but I had never heard of him until his book, Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide for Raising Responsible, Productive Adults (Gotham Books, 2010) landed on my desk. Its hard-edged approach to […]

  • Laura Robertson

    LAURA ROBERTSON: Driving better patient care from the business side

    If you’ve ever spent time in the hospital, well, you know who really runs the place. Nurses work the front lines, serving as intermediaries between patients and their physicians and families. Laura Robertson began work as a registered nurse taking care of critically ill patients in the cardiac intensive care unit (ICU). Her career blossomed, […]

  • Etoi Davenport

    ETOI DAVENPORT, M.D.: CSI Mom: Life as a Maricopa County medical examiner

    Determining how a life has ended is what Etoi Davenport, M.D., does every day as a medical examiner for Maricopa County. Her work can deliver justice, provide answers and lend comfort to grieving families. Vicki: What is the role of the medical examiner? Etoi: A medical examiner is also known as a forensic pathologist. Our […]

  • Brittany Haley

    BRITTANY HALEY: Working for change from the inside out

    Eighteen-year-old Brittany Haley of Mesa didn’t choose to become an expert on the foster care system. Since the age of 5, she has lived in group homes, in residential treatment centers, with foster families or with relatives. And as a life-long student of the system, she’s determined to become a teacher and mentor for other […]

  • David Adelson


    The Children’s Neuroscience Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital takes a team approach to caring for young patients with brain disorders and brain injuries. We spoke with Director and Pediatric Neurosurgeon David Adelson, M.D., who explains why doctors should never underestimate the insight of a parent.

  • Martin Moreno

    MARTIN MORENO: Saving lives: the power of art

    Martin Moreno was born in Michigan to Latino parents who picked vegetables and fruits for a living. He learned English, played the role of family translator, helped organize for better working conditions and struggled against the prejudice many Latino migrant families faced during the 1960s. Ultimately, art became the language he would use to speak […]

  • Kurt Warner and Family

    KURT AND BRENDA WARNER: Not just a football story

    Kurt and Brenda Warner don’t pretend they know the secret formula to a happy marriage. They aren’t saying they’ve figured out a foolproof way to raise seven kids. Actually, they can’t even agree on when to say “no” to autograph seekers dazzled to be in the presence of the quarterback who led the Arizona Cardinals […]

  • Barbara Park

    Wowee Wowee Wow! Wait till you hear this!

    For Barbara Park, finding the voice of 5-year-old Junie B. Jones is easy. So easy, she says, that it’s actually kind of scary, and maybe not a talent to brag about. But Park, who’s lived in Arizona for more than 30 years, is an award-winning author with more than 50 titles currently in print. This […]

  • Dana Herzberg

    DANA HERZBERG: “You can’t say that I don’t understand”

    As a child, Dana Herzberg needed lots of visuals to help her study for a test. She covered the walls of her room with posters filled with formulas and data. Tutors helped to break concepts down so they would stick in her brain. As an adult, Dana channeled a strong sense of determination and a […]

  • Jensen Family

    THE JENSEN FAMILY: Dancing across two worlds

    Lane Jensen began learning pow-wow styles of dancing when he was 9 years old, growing up on the Navajo reservation in northeastern Arizona. He’s performed for audiences around the state, around the country and in Canada. He’s won awards in many inter-tribal competitions. So it was probably just a matter of time before Lane and […]

  • Sandra Day O'Connor

    SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR: Cyber civics from an irrefutable source

    Since Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retired from her seat on the Supreme Court in 2006, life’s been busy. Recently, the Arizona native has been promoting her newly published children’s book [see page 8] and her Our Courts project (ourcourts.org), a  website designed to boost interest in civics education. O’Connor recruited experts in law, history, education […]

  • Shirley Dunlap

    SHIRLEY DUNLAP: “911: What is your emergency?”

    Shirley Dunlap’s voice is what many Maricopa county citizens hear when they grab the phone to seek help in an emergency. Her job takes calm patience, a thick skin and the ability to visualize what might be happening on the other end of the line. For 23 years, she has guided unseen, often frantic callers […]

  • Susan Brown

    SUSAN BROWN AND DAD JIM: Birthing Susan Brown’s Baby

    More than 25 years ago, scientist and entrepreneur Jim Brown moved his family to the Valley and founded Floratech, a supplier of botanical ingredients to major skincare companies. The Brown children grew up with a resident chemist who brought home jars of skincare concoctions from the lab. When daughter Susan decided that moms and babies […]

  • Carol Poore

    CAROL POORE: Taking the message of HIV/AIDS to women and youth

    Just a few decades ago, the disease carried a death sentence. Today, new treatments mean that people can live with HIV/AIDS for many years. But is the next generation getting the wrong message? Are today’s young people ignoring the risks of an HIV-positive result, thinking it simply requires taking a few pills? Not if Carol […]

  • Chris Visser

    CHRIS VISSER: Doc to the animals

    Who do you call when a rare Sonoran jaguar needs a root canal? After Mexican authorities liberated the endangered cat from a rancher’s trap in Sonora, the Phoenix Zoo partnered with Hermosillo Zoo to offer support. But the damage was huge. As the jaguar attempted escape by chewing through a metal cage, he ended up […]

  • Abbie and Buzzi Shindler

    ABBIE AND BUZZI SHINDLER: A special kind of food fight

    We do it for survival, for comfort, for pleasure. We eat. It’s vital part of life; it’s a routine part of life. Imagine, however, that feeding your baby doesn’t help him grow or thrive at all. Instead, it does the opposite: it makes him sick. Suppose the sustenance you offer through a bottle or a […]

  • Karen Barr

    KAREN BARR – Dreams to reality…one step at a time

    Before there was a magazine, there was a manila folder. Before the folder, there was a new mom with an MBA. And before that, there was an inquisitive, adventurous Karen Davis—aspiring novelist, high school newspaper sports editor, University of Arizona Wildcat reporter and writer/editor for both the Pacific Daily News on Guam and the Arizona Republic. […]

  • Will Schmid

    DEACON WILL SCHMID: A young man’s decision to become a priest

    What is the meaning of life? Most of us spend years in the search: pondering, seeking, questioning. But for William Schmid, 26, the answers to that age-old question found him. The loss of a close high-school friend in a tragic post-prom accident left Will—at the time a high school junior—reeling, rudderless, lost and lacking a […]

  • Kaye McCarthy

    KAYE McCARTHY: Healing broken families, one visit at a time

    She re-jiggered her life, leaving a successful law career after the sudden deaths of two of her colleagues. She helped start an organization that gives broken families a cozy, safe environment in which to play and fills in where needed to make life a little easier for children and teens in the foster care system. […]

  • Jeffrey Buchhalter

    JEFFREY BUCHHALTER: Making sense out of epilepsy

    Epilepsy has plagued humans since the dawn of time. Named the “falling sickness” by early cultures, seizure disorders were recorded in biblical scripture—and even in hieroglyphics on cave walls. Throughout history, experts estimate that about one percent of humankind suffered from some form of the condition. That number holds true today. But recent developments in […]

  • Jade Johnson

    JADE JOHNSON: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Jade!

    You can find Jade Johnson of Paradise Valley among the girls in plaid at Xavier College Preparatory. She’s another voice in the honor choir. She’s rocking a tough college-prep curriculum. But when the dismissal bell rings, Jade, a junior, heads for the stage. She’s been singing, dancing and acting since the age of 8. She’s […]

  • Nadine Basha

    NADINE MATHIS BASHA: Fighting for Arizona’s smallest citizens

    She was a key player in the 2006 passage of Proposition 203, which uses the tax on tobacco sales to fund early childhood development and health programs. She chairs First Things First, the state board responsible for administering those funds. But when it comes to understanding the needs of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, Nadine Mathis […]

  • Elena Barajas

    TSgt. ELENA BARAJAS: A mom’s life in the USAF

    TSgt. Elena Barajas, U.S. Air Force, grew up near a military base in southern California. Her mother, a beautician, struggled to raise her daughter and a younger son on her own. It was a childhood that inspired Elena to yearn for adventure but ultimately seek security and steadiness for her own family. After high school, […]

  • Eric Benjamin

    ERIC BENJAMIN: Holidays and ADD/ADHD

    Family parties, shopping trips to the mall, changes in scheduling… listen to tips from Phoenix Children’s Hospital child psychiatrist Eric Benjamin on how to keep things running smoothly during holidays or special occasions while coping with a family member who has ADD/ADHD. This interview was published June 1, 2008 by multimedia journalist Vicki Louk Balint. […]

  • Grant Hill

    GRANT HILL: On fatherhood

    On the court, Grant Hill is respected for the dedication, experience and sportsmanship he brings to his role as a veteran small forward for the Phoenix Suns. But when Hill steps off the court, he is simply known as dad to daughters Myla, 6, and Lael, 8 months. He shares his earliest basketball memories and […]

  • Adam & Christopher Moffitt

    CHRISTOPHER and ADAM MOFFITT: Scene change

    Last fall, Arizona Theatre Company cast two Tempe brothers in this spring’s production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Adam Moffitt, 13, and his brother Christopher, 9, have landed roles in many local theater productions over the last few years. This past winter, they—and their mother, Karin—took to the road. The boys played the roles of […]

  • Harvey Simon, MD

    DR. HARVEY SIMON: Bedwetting advice

    Bedwetting is a common but frustrating and difficult challenge. We’ve got some helpful tips from Dr. Harvey Simon, a Valley pediatrician and the president of Goodnight Pediatrics.

  • Michael Gallagher

    MICHAEL PATRICK GALLAGHER: Luck o’ the Irish brings dance champ to Arizona

    Two-time Irish Dance World Champion Michael Patrick Gallagher discovered Arizona while on tour as principal soloist with Riverdance. He’s now a teacher and artistic director at Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance in Phoenix, where he shares his talents with some very lucky kids. Irish dancing was introduced to America through Riverdance performances. But hasn’t […]

  • Brian and Jenny Masche

    BRIAN AND JENNY MASCHE – Six babies and a marriage

    The story goes like this: Brian served in Kuwait in the Air Force at the start of the Iraq war with his good friend, Mike. Mike and his sister grew up in Camp Verde and were childhood friends with Jenny. Mike emailed Jenny to tell her about his good friend Brian. Jenny emailed Brian, figuring […]

  • Randal Christensen

    RANDAL CHRISTENSEN – A committed doc takes his show on the road

    Dr. Randal Christensen takes care of some of the Valley’s 5,000 homeless youth and adolescents who live on the streets. He’s medical director of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Crews’n Healthmobile, a medical clinic on wheels. Inside are examining rooms, a nurses’ station and the latest medical technology. Christensen and staff counsel and educate youth on […]

  • Edna Hawes

    EDNA HAWES – Advocate for age-appropriate justice

    In 1996, the passage of Proposition 102 paved the way for Arizona children as young as 14 to be prosecuted as adults—even for non-violent crimes such as sexually inappropriate behavior. Since then, many juveniles have ended up in jail right alongside adult sexual predators. While there, they are 50 percent more likely to be assaulted […]

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