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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Fidget spinners: Is this fad a friend or foe?

It is the year of the fidget spinner — that pervasive, handheld toy making appearances in children’s backpacks, on playgrounds and in classrooms (or locked away in teacher’s desks) across the country. The flat, disc-like toy with weighted paddles centered around a small, heavy center spool spins. And spins. And spins. And that’s about it. […]

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Learning differences and attention challenges

Sometimes a little extra education support can make all the difference to a child with learning or attention challenges. Here are some Arizona organizations that provide services ranging from one-on-one tutoring to high-tech brain training. ABC Phonetic Reading School 1502 W Osborn Rd, Phoenix 602-279-0057 • Remedial, tutoring and enrichment services for students needing […]

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PEN Phoenix supports families facing learning and attention differences

As a preschooler, Colin Erfle struggled to learn the names of colors. He couldn’t memorize the ABCs. Rhyming was tough. “He couldn’t memorize our phone number,” recalls his mother, Julie Erfle, of Phoenix. “I couldn’t teach him the names of the letters. He would spell his name ‘C, circle, straight line, dotted line, hump.’” Colin […]

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ROBIN BLITZ on raising kids with ADHD – “It takes a lot of energy”

As a developmental pediatrician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Robin Blitz, MD, takes care of young patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disorders. At home, while raising two boys of her own, she’s learned firsthand how to navigate the rough waters of an ADHD diagnosis. Blitz talks about coping skills, management plans and keeping […]

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Preschoolers and paying attention: a predictor of school success?

Ability may carry a child a long way throughout an academic career, but being able to listen, pay attention and complete important tasks is crucial, according to a recent study  published online in Early Childhood Research Quarterly. Despite the push by many to teach children early academic skills as young as the preschool years, researchers […]

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Mixing mental and martial arts

In any beginning karate class, kids need help tying the belts of their gis (loose-fitting karate uniforms). Or they forget where to stand when class starts, or how to do the ready stance. Students at any martial arts class watch a series of moves and attempt to replicate them through repeated practice and observation, guided […]

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Is it lying or is it ADHD?

Just because it’s not the truth doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Huh? Let’s try that again. In the course of a busy day filled with details and information and social cues, the child with ADHD can be anticipated to: lose focus become distracted not hear an instruction not copy the full assignment before it is erased […]

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Brain foods for kids

Sanford Silverman Ph.D., Brain Foods for Kids, Arizona, Healthy Eating, Kids diet

It’s back-to-school time, and you’re headed out to buy school supplies. What about the supplies that keep your children’s minds sharp? The best diet for healthy brains and bodies is rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and whole grains. However, studies have found that certain “brain foods” help boost a child’s brain growth while also […]

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Who is your parenting guru? (part 1)

Two weeks ago I posed that question to the 15,000 readers who subscribe to our e-newsletter. It was wonderful to watch my in-box as many thoughtful responses came back. It all started when Marketing Director MaryAnn Ortiz-Lieb came to me with a unique opportunity. One of her clients has proposed partnering with us to bring […]

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To do or not to do

To Do or Not To Do…that is every ADDer’s question. And now that it’s SUMMER, that one question has so many possible answers. DO is probably the right one, but oohhh NOT just feels so good.  After a school year punctuated by IEPs, testing, late or missing homework, meetings with a plethora of specialists and last minute scrambles […]

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